Divorce and Child Custody

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Lots of things are involved in a divorce process. Perhaps the most important and complex is child custody. When taking a decision the court have to keep in view lots of things. The court will make decision in the best interest of the child. Judges usually consider the following child interests:

  • They have to keep in view if the child is getting adjusted to the environment at home, school as well as in the community.
  • They will also determine which parent is most likely to allow child the freedom to keep contact with the other parent.
  • Suitability of child’s age is also determined. If the child is mature, his or her wishes are kept in view when it comes to legal decision-making and parenting time.
  • They determine the past, present as well as the future relationship between the parent and the child.
  • The court examines the mental as well as physical health of the individuals involved in the case.

On parenting plans, the Arizona statute says, “if the parents cannot agree on legal decision-making or parenting plans, then each MUST submit a proposed parenting plan.”

In your parenting plans you need to include the following things:

  • Your rights and responsibilities towards child’s personal care, education, health care and religious training. Personal care means haircuts, hair dye, piercings, clothing styles and similar things.
  • You need to include a schedule for parenting time that includes a holiday and school break time. There are lots of parents who don’t want a particular schedule. They are afraid of sanctions in case of failure to exercise all parenting time. That’s why they go after ‘reasonable’ or ‘liberal’ parenting time. But it is not practical. Courts want a specific plan.

Parenting time is another big issue in a divorce. After divorce parents relocate to other states for a number of reasons such as health, remarriage etc. And when children are involved in your divorce, relocation can be not only complicated but also very stressful.

You can also apply for emergency custody orders. You need to prove that it is really an emergency to get child custody. For that purpose you need to do lots of paperwork. You need to file for the emergency custody in the best interest of the child.

You will have to prove that the child will suffer from imminent danger if emergency custody is not filed. You will be required to prove that your child can be in danger from the other parent. For example if your child has driven with the other parent in a car while the parent was in a drunken state. This could be an emergency situation. If a parent beats his or her children during the parenting time, this obviously is a danger for your child if he or she stays longer with that parent.

So, parenting plan is a tricky business. You are, for sure, in need of a child custody attorney to draft that plan in an effective way so that it suits you and is in the best interest of your child as well.


The Dangers of Domestic Violence Involving Strangulation

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Strangulation is a lethal form of assault that can leave behind major injuries or even cause death. Unconsciousness can occur within seconds and death can occur within minutes of strangulation. It can sometimes be hard to detect strangulation, but the effects can be long-lasting and cause major damage. It is important to know the signs and dangers of domestic violence involving strangulation.

Strangulation Versus Choking

Strangulation is actually not the same thing as choking. Choking is when your airway is blocked by food or an object in the trachea. Strangulation is when your air flow or blood flow to and from the brain is reduced due to intentional, external compression of the airway in the neck. Manual strangulation, which is the gripping of the neck with hands, is a common form that causes many to get charged with domestic violence in Scottsdale.

Strangulation Can Cause Major Injuries and Even Death

Injuries from strangulation can range from minor to serious and include internal injuries. Other injuries could end up in the digestive tract or even neurological systems, which could result in brain damage or vision changes like blurring. Some people even experience seizures and end up dying a few days later after strangulation without showing any signs at first.

Be Aware of the Signs

Strangulation can cause visible marks like scratches, redness, or bruising on the neck and/or face. But not all of the signs of strangulation are visible. Other signs include difficulty swallowing, a sore throat, dizziness, memory loss, vomiting, nausea, or difficulty breathing. It is important to get help if you are experiencing any of these signs or are a victim of strangulation.

Call The Traffic Clinic To Fight Your Traffic Offenses

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Law enforcement officers in many countries are installing red light cameras at numerous street intersections throughout their countries. These red light cameras is to decrease unsafe driving and discourage motorists from running red lights, hoping to bring down the number of accidents, some even causing death.

Motorists are required to respond promptly upon receiving a traffic ticket especially in California. Late respond to traffic tickets will lead to further consequences. It is the same with getting a red light camera ticket. Red light cameras are being installed at many locations throughout California to catch law violators.

It is good to know how a red light camera works. If a vehicle passes above a sensor when the light is red in the intersection, a red light ticket is triggered. If you are caught running a red light at an intersection where a red light camera is present, you will notice some flashes as you run through the intersection.

If you are the registered owner of the vehicle, you will receive a red light ticket through the mail. Once you have received the red light ticket, you will need to decide whether to pay the fine and get demerit points on your driving record or quickly hire a red light camera lawyer to fight the ticket.

Just because a picture has been taken, it is assumed by many that it is impossible to fight a red light ticket. With a skilled red light camera lawyer, you may be able to beat a red light ticket. You can also hire a lawyer to challenge the ticket if you are not the person driving the car at that time. The lawyer will advise you of your rights and how you should proceed to get your ticket dismissed.

In California, it is illegal to drive under the influence of a drug, alcohol or other substance. If you are found to be driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you could face charges. Any individual who is driving a vehicle in California must give consent to the chemical blood or urine test for the purpose of evaluating the drug content in the individual’s blood. Declining a test could lead to mandatory prison time if convicted of dui. Lawyers for dui from The Traffic Clinic have helped many individuals.

If you have been accused of any traffic offense or traffic crime in the state of California, quickly call up The Traffic Clinic as soon as possible to protect the integrity of your claim. For free consultation, you can call 1-800-CITATION.

Circumstances That Can Lead a Person to Seek Legal Advice

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 Many people think that a person will only need a lawyer when dealing with a criminal case. Sometimes a court of law offers people a lawyer to represent them in the case. It is good to know that, you don’t have to seek a criminal lawyer only when you need legal advice to handle a criminal case, you can seek a lawyer in various situations. Although people think that, doing it yourself is the best way, but what are the chances of success when you do it yourself? You might be able to do it on your own but how will you know about the presence of some legal drawbacks without the aid of a lawyer?

Below are reasons to seek advice from a lawyer. Also, read Toronto employment lawyer.

  1. Entering into a contract

When you need to sign a contract, you can also seek assistance from a lawyer. For instance, if you want a business law lawyer, to review the terms, or write the contract to help you get a fair deal.

Some other deals that might seem possible to handle them without the help of lawyer could be beneficial when you seek advice from a lawyer. A lawyer will help you to ensure you don’t get unfair terms when entering into a contract.

  1. Purchasing or selling a house

When purchasing a home, you may want to seek the help of a realtor. More to a realtor, you may also be required to consult a Real Estate lawyer so that you avoid mistakes that are associated with purchasing a home. Equally, when selling a home you may need the help of a realtor together with a real estate attorney. It is good to understand that, buying a home is the largest expense that you incur and you should ensure the contract you sign is appropriate. Working with a lawyer during the entire process can prevent future headaches.

  1. When you want a divorce or separation from your partner

Divorce or separation comes with a lot of things. Different countries have different laws that stipulate what need to be done when one wants a divorce. Other countries state that when going through a divorce or separation, you should divide what you have in a 50 50 manner, meaning half of your wealth goes to your partner and the other half of the wealth remains for the other partner. During this period, you may want to seek the help of a family lawyer before making any decision about sharing your wealth. Family Law is a very specificfacet of the law and you’ll want to consult with a professional that knows the laws, procedures and how to protect your interests without needlessly spending your family assets.

  1. Wrongfully termination from your job

Every employee has his/her own right. However, employers ignore their employees’ rights to the extent of terminating their employment without taking the due process. It is at this moment when an employment lawyer can come in handy to help you decide whether you have a cause of action to get back the damages you incurred as a result of losing your job.


A divorce is not something that any couple

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A divorce is not something that any couple foresees in their future. They may have promised each other for better or for worse at the altar, but unfortunately, many couples will eventually find themselves involved in a heated divorce. When this situation arises, it is never wise to try and deal with the legal process alone. It is a very complicated matter, and only a family lawyer is able to offer the expertise that is needed for a favorable outcome. There are many benefits when a person hires a divorce lawyer.

Help with divorce options

There are many issues that need to be settled during a divorce. The division of property and spousal support will have to be dealt with and are usually complicated matters. If there are children involved, child support and child custody issues will also need to be dealt with. An experienced attorney will guide their client through the whole divorce process and advise them on what their best interest should be. A family law attorney will put their expertise to work right away and try to reach a favorable divorce settlement agreement for their client. If that is not possible, and a trial is needed, they will represent their client in the courtroom.

Working with other attorneys


When one party has legal representation and the other party does not, it can be a bit unfair. During these important times, it is of the utmost importance for both parties to have legal representation. Lawyers can deal effectively with one another and come to a fair settlement rather quickly. When only one party has a lawyer, the odds of an agreed upon and fair settlement happening will greatly decrease. This will prolong the divorce proceedings which will make everything much more expensive for both parties.

Handling all of the paperwork

There will be many legal documents that need to be filled out and filed with the court. It can be a bit complicated for your average person who is not a law expert. Divorce lawyers in Gurnee IL can fill out of the required paperwork for their client and turn in the paperwork to the court in a timely fashion. This will also allow the client to move on with their life and not have to spend so much time worrying about all of the paperwork.

A divorce lawyer will be very objective and will help their client make rational decisions. Many times, an individual will not be thinking straight due to all of the stress that they are going through due to their divorce. This can lead to decisions that may prove to be unfavorable. An experienced family law attorney will put their expertise to work and advise their client while guiding them to make rational and beneficial decisions.

Contact An Experienced Lawyer For Immigration Related Issues.

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Do you know something about the Affidavit of Support? You can get the form from US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). You need this form if you are considering to sponsor someone for a green-card. Well, if you intend to sign this form, it is a long-term commitment. That’s why you need to know everything about the form.

If you sign a I-864 Affidavit of Support form, it will be your responsibility to support the green-card holder financially. So sponsorship needs financial responsibility. In other words you will be required to ensure that the person who you are sponsoring has due access to income that is 125% of federal poverty level. But it is not that you are required to fulfill these obligations for the rest of your life. But you will saved from these obligations if the green card holder dies or if he or she is deported or if the green card holder works for ten years or of he or she departs from the United States or if he or she gets American citizenship. These conditions are not easy. That’s why you should completely understand this before sponsoring someone.

Not everyone is eligible for sponsorship of a family-based green-card holder. You will need to prove that you have sufficient financial means for the purpose. In case you fail to prove that you are financially stable or have enough means to support your sponsor, you will not be able to sign the affidavit of support for a family-based immigration. But you will have another option. You can sponsor along with another person who will act a joint sponsor for you.

Some people sponsor the love of their life. They agree everything such as the Affidavit of Support blindly, marry their love and bring them to the United States. But things don’t go smooth for everyone all the time. You have to face lots of difficulties in your married life. Divorce is one of these complications. It is the end of everything. Usually a divorced couple don’t want to have any kind of connection. They can’t just accept it emotionally. But if have signed the Affidavit of Support, your relationship can’t just end with divorce. You will have to keep sponsoring your obligations. And as long as your spouse remains a green card holder, you will remain responsible for them.

This process is not very simple. You can’t do it on your own. First of all you need to know everything before signing the form, and only an experienced lawyer can help you learn everything. Law Offices of Joshua L. Goldstein have qualified and experienced staff who possess necessary skills for all types of immigration cases. They provide services to undocumented immigrants and families across the Los Angeles County including Torrance, Long Beach, Santa Monica, West Hollywood and Beverly Hills. A crooked lawyer will only waste your precious time without doing anything positive. That’s why select the best from the pool of talent.

Select the Best Lawyer For OUI Offence

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When you are on the road, there are plenty of risks. If you are convicted of OUI that is Operating Under Influence, you can face severe consequences. Probation, hefty fines, jail and suspension of driving license for long periods of time  are some of the penalties. And if you have prior convictions in the past, the penalties and fines are heavier. If you are convicted of OUI, you will face probation, fines and jail terms. Even if you are not convicted but have failed the breath test or have refused to do the breath test, your driving license will be suspended for lengthy periods of time.

If you are convicted of an OUI offence but you don’t have any prior convictions, you will be saved from a mandatory jail term. But you are most likely to be placed on probation. If you have already been convicted in the past, you will be sentenced for not less than 60 days. The fine is minimum $600. Your license will be suspended for two years. You can get a hardship license after one year if you have to drive to school or work. For any other purpose you can get it after a period of 18 years. But as it is a hardship license, you will be given an interlocking device that is generally a breathalyzer placed in your car. You must pass it to turn on the engine.

If you have committed this offence for the third time, it is considered a felony in Massachusetts. In case you are convicted, the jail term can be for a minimum of six months. Minimum fine can be $1,000. Additionally your license will suffer from suspension of eight years. Hardship license will be available after a period of two years if you need to go to school or work. Otherwise the hardship license will be available after four years. Of course hardship license will come with interlocking device. The list goes on. Jail term, fine and period of license suspension increase if you have more past offences on your record.

This offence is no doubt a grave one. For example, you cannot go to office if you are sentenced to a jail term. You cannot take your children to school as well. That’s why you need an expert lowell criminal defense lawyer to fight your case for you. Keren Goldenberg also practices in homicide, drug related crimes such as dealing in marijuana, child abuse, domestic violence and abuse and restraining orders, sexual assaults at university campuses and colleges, theft of property and other violent crimes. She worked in New York City and Lowell as a public defender. She received her education from Northeastern University in 2003. She got Bachelors of Science from University of Toronto in 1995. She specializes in criminal defense and practice. She has also co-written a chapter of the book Trying Drug Cases in Massachusetts. It is lawyers’ handbook for representing clients who are accused of drug crimes.

Get Hold Of The Experienced Trusted Mediators Cumbria

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You have to make your right selection to find the perfect trusted mediators Cumbria. This can help in making your expectations met in the right way.

When you are genuinely trying to put an end to all your family conflicts, then it is important to seek for proper family mediation service. In this case you need to have to ensure of taking the best steps in the right way to find the best mediator that would help in adding to your satisfaction. It all requires your own good research that can lead to a huge sense of fulfillment out of it. So with your own good choice it would undoubtedly help in serving your best goal. As a result it is important for you to ensure of putting your right foot forward to find the right and reputed family mediation services which can actually help in providing with the maximum amount of fulfillment. There are some important steps that are really important when you look forward to the best family mediators. With your own good research n it would help in serving your specifications.

It is also extremely important for you to find out the reputed one where it would help in offering with the best solutions. If you are not in a position to make your very best research, it would only lead to your own dissatisfaction. As a result you have to ensure of making the proper choice as to how you can find the right one that would help in serving your own purpose. Therefore with your quite find selection that you make it would completely help in generating you really feel glad of your own selection. You can try to visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Family_mediation where it would be possible to get more details on it.

If you manage to find the best trusted mediators Cumbria it would help you to find yourself free from any sort of worry. It is for this reason important to fix a meeting with them where it would be possible in obtaining all the right idea of their services. So with your own best choice it can lead to feel glad of yourself in the right manner. At the same time, you need to try to check their testimonials. This step that you take would genuinely help you to find yourself a lot knowledgeable about their solutions. As a result you have to make sure of finding the best family mediation solutions that would prove to be affordable to you. This can help in making it possible in saving a lot on your pocket that would lead to feel glad of your proper choice. Therefore it proves to be quite important to make sure of contacting the right family mediation service for your own purpose.















Tips for hiring auto accident attorney greenville sc

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Whether you need to hire a personal injury or not is one of the major questions that many accident victims face. It is important to note that personal injury lawyers always aim at maximizing the amount of compensation you receive from your injuries. It is always essential that you hire a lawyer who specializes in personal injuries instead of a general lawyer when pursuing compensation for your injuries. Also, it is important to hire a lawyer familiar with the area your accident occurred. For instance if you live in Greenville, South Carolina, you will want to hire a personal injury lawyer in Greenville SC. Here are the major reasons for hiring a personal injury lawyer who understands your situation.

No one expects to be involved in an accident, but when it occurs, you have a right to claim compensation. Also, most individuals usually feel helpless and vulnerable after an accident and need all the help they can get. Once you are injured, there are a lot of questions that come to your mind including:

  • How long the legal process in pursuit of compensation will take?
  • What kind of evidence you need to pursue compensation?
  • What is the maximum amount of compensation you can receive?
  • Will you be able to work after?

A personal injury lawyer is experienced in these types of cases and understands the kind of help you need to make you feel better.

Personal injury lawyers know how to deal with insurance companies and lawyers representing them.

While you may be seeking the maximum compensation amount possible, insurance companies look for ways to avoid compensating you or reducing the compensation amount as much as possible. A personal injury lawyer understands all the tricks played by at-fault party’s insurance companies’ lawyers trying to minimize your compensation. The personal injury lawyer will also work hard enough to ensure that you win your case since losing the case can ruin his/her reputation.

A personal injury lawyer knows how to present evidence for your case

One of the factors that determine the amount is the extent of injuries. The injuries can be minor, major or fatal; thus, the lawyer should know how to determine the extent of injury and present evidence to support your claims. The lawyer should also know how to weigh the evidence available to determine how to pursue your injury claims.

Most personal injury lawyer offer financial and moral support during the resolution of your claim

A personal injury lawyer knows when to involve scientists, medical experts, and other personal injury experts to prove the extent of damages. Retaining these experts can be expensive, and it can also be hectic to know where to get them. However, a personal injury lawyer will take this burden off your shoulders and will recover his costs only after you get compensated.

Personal injury lawyer have deep knowledge of the case law

Normally, insurance companies hire the very best personal injury lawyers who possess deep knowledge of the personal injury case law. Therefore, you need to hire personal injury lawyer who has an adequate knowledge of the case law to have an equal footing with the alt- party insurance company’s lawyers.

Hiring a personal injury lawyer to help you in pursuing personal injury compensation does not only increase your chances of winning the case but can help you receive a higher amount of compensation.

Qualities Your Lawyer Should Have

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Choosing a lawyer is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. Going to court is a very serious thing. This is why you need to be sure that you have the best possible legal representation. Finding a quality lawyer is easier said than done. You must never make the mistake of lumping all lawyers together. The amount of legal skill that lawyers possess can vary tremendously. This is why you need to do your homework and be very selective to ensure the right person is by your side in the courtroom. Here are a few of the most critical qualities that your lawyer must possess.

  1. Your lawyer should have been practicing the specific area of the law that your case falls into for a least four years.

There are many different areas of the law that a lawyer can focus on. You need to find someone who is an expert in the area of the law that your case is involved in. This person should have handled many cases like yours in the past. This will help to ensure that your lawyer will be capable of handling any situations that might arise during your case. There are many experienced lawyers in Ocala FL to choose from.

  1. Your lawyer needs to have outstanding negotiating skills.

It is always a good thing to reach a settlement outside of the courtroom with the other party. This will help you to avoid paying a lot of money to go to court where the outcome will be uncertain. This is why you need to be sure that you hire a lawyer who is a great negotiator. Unfortunately, negotiating is a skill that many lawyers simply do not have. Find a lawyer who has been able to negotiate many settlements for his clients in previous cases.

  1. Organizational skills are imperative for your lawyer to have.

Lawyers are usually working on several cases at the same time. This means they have a lot of very important details that they need to keep track of. They have many documents that need to be filed before certain deadlines. Failing to do this could really hurt your case. Therefore, you need to find a lawyer who has the ability to juggle multiple cases without forgetting to file crucial documents. This means that he or she needs to have superior organizational skills.