Tue. Jan 21st, 2020

How to Fix a Split Zipper

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You’re in a hurry to get to the job and OH NO!, you have suddenly crashed the zipper of your hoodie in your car door! Now the zipper splits when you zip it, and you are worried.  Perk up!  As long as the teeth or the tabs at the back are not broken on the zipper, you can fix it no problem. This method can also be applied if the slider pulls off the top of the zipper, the pull tab falls off the slider, or teeth pull off near the top of the zipper.

If either of the little tabs at the bottom of the zipper come off the zipper tape, there is no way to repair this. They are put on the tape as part of the manufacturing process.  If the tabs on the bottom of the zipper or teeth in the middle/bottom of the zipper come off, you will have to replace the zipper. You can buy online zippers and can use this method on it. For buy online zippers you can visit on ZipperShipper.com, as they have different types and colors zipper with different sizes.

1) Pull off the stops at the top of the zipper. You replace both so that the stops meet one another.  But if you just have one stop/don’t care about it equaling, you merely need to remove the stop on the surface of the zipper that has the square tab at the bottom.

2) Once the stop removes the top, take off the slider.  If you look at it sideways, you will see the gap is within the slider is not straight.  This is why the zipper is departing when you zip it.  It’s not correctly attacking the teeth.  It’s best to replace this slider as a new one will last longer.  But if you are in a bind and do not have another slider (if you have a weird size zipper and can’t find a replacement), you can bend it back and see if it works.  This would be a temporary solution as now that it’s been applied, it can bend back easily.  It’s best to replace the slider if you can.

3) Once the edge is all the way through the slider, it should slide freely up and down.  Try to zip it up as you regularly would and check that the teeth are interlocking and it’s not splitting.  If the zipper still breaks, you need a different size slider.  Or if you tried to re-bend the slider, it may even be slightly bent, and it needs to be bent more, or it is hooked too far.

4) Once you’re sure the zipper is working correctly, put stops on the top.  Both sides should have a stop, but especially the front with the square tab at the bottom.  This is the side that the slider is always on, so if you don’t have it zipped and there’s not stop at the top, the slider will come off quickly, like in the laundry.

There are a lot of variations of repairs you can do based on what kind of zipper you have, how the garment is made, and how the zipper is installed.

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