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How Much Do Lawyers Earn

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Although many are wondering how much do lawyers earn, the correct answer to this question is – it depends. They have a tariff, but they do not have fiscal cash registers. They have bank accounts, but they do not charge everything they do. Often, they charge below the tariff and are able to wait for years to be paid. The state owes them billions of dollars for defense ex officio for years. Here at we have the right answers to your questions providing you with the right skills that you require.

There are some very rich lawyers and there are those who are on the verge of existence. It all depends on what they do and who their clients are. Most do everything, but some are, however, specialized in commercial disputes, some for criminal, some for litigation.

Only about five percent of lawyers can say that they earn high above average, about 15 percent earn solid, about 60 percent are at the average monthly salary in the country, but we also have 20 percent of attorneys on the verge of existence. The cause of this is the difficult economic situation of the citizens. All lawyers have huge claims from their parties. A large number of lawyers currently have several tens of thousands of unpaid bills, and even up to 100,000 dollars, which they will probably never pay, or perhaps only partially.

The salary of lawyers is completely different. Payment is uncertain. A notary bills right away, and lawyers are waiting for some payments for ten years. The notary will not provide you with a service if you do not have the money, and the lawyer will. He/ She must not refuse the client, except in some cases specified by the Code of Ethics of Law, and one of these cases is if the lawyer estimates that the client does not have any chance to win the case.

However, when looking at the “Tariff on rewards and fees for the work of a lawyer,” the ordinary lawyer does not earn enough money. Only one submission that the lawyer writes costs as a student loan, and going to one hearing, for example in the proceedings before the Constitutional Court, is considered a monthly journalist salary. Complaints are so expensive that it is better that a person does not appeal to a judgment than to go for some money for vacation.

In criminal proceedings lawyers represent the party and it pays while it has funds. At one point, the party tells that there is no more money and asks if the lawyer wants to continue to advocate. Since they spent many days and nights working ona certain case, they will not cancel the power of attorney, but will represent the party till the end, considering that they will somehow agree on the payment, given the interest of the party, which they cannot leave out. But there are some lawyers who will never do such thing, meaning that they will never work for free and no matter how much effort they put, they will still give up on the case.

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