Sun. Mar 29th, 2020

Why You Need A Bankruptcy Lawyer

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If you’re about to file for bankruptcy, you’re facing severe financial strain. You may wonder how you’re supposed to pay for a bankruptcy Maryland lawyer when you cannot pay your credit card bills. However, it is in your best interest to navigate this process with professional advice.

Objective Advisor in Stressful Times

Even if you were an expert in bankruptcy law and could handle the process yourself, you are likely under a great deal of stress. Bankruptcy often results from job losses, medical bills, accidents, and other traumas. People generally do not make the best decisions in times of emotional turmoil. A lawyer serves as a wise counsel who makes sure that the paperwork is in order and that proper procedures are followed to protect your interests.

Remember that filing a successful bankruptcy case is only the beginning of resolving your financial troubles. You may need to find a new job, relocate, or attend counseling to regain a solid financial footing in the long term. You should focus your energy on your new path.

Expert in Complex Legal Area

Ideally, you will retain an attorney who devotes a large chunk of his or her practice to bankruptcy. This is an ever-changing, complex area of law. The attorney should take the facts of your situation and work to obtain the best possible outcome.

Creditors and collection agencies are going to be aggressive with you in trying to get their funds. A lawyer serves as a protective layer between creditors and you. The lawyer can deal with the negotiations and phone calls.

When looking for an attorney, look for membership in the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys. Seek recommendations from friends. If you are low income, have a disability, or lost a job, check with Legal Aid in your area. The bar association for your state may offer referrals to pro bono services.

A bankruptcy attorney serves as an objective expert in a complicated area of law. He or she will advocate for the best outcome for your case.

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