Tue. May 26th, 2020

The Advantages of Hiring a Bilingual Attorney

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In the United States, 30 million people speak Spanish as their primary language at home. This number has doubled since 1990. For this reason, bilingual attorneys who can speak both Spanish and English have become much more important to American citizens. If you’re experiencing a legal issue and need to seek counsel for whatever reason, you should be able to do that no matter what language you speak. Bilingual attorneys are so useful to have on your side because they can speak multiple languages, which allows you to understand what they’re saying, making for a more positive experience as a client.

Enjoy Better Communication

If you’re a native Spanish speaker, then having an attorney who can communicate clearly is paramount. When communicating across languages, you might notice that there is a profound impact on the overall meaning of what you’re communicating. Complicated legal situations can only compound this issue because even the smallest misunderstandings can affect a case. For this reason, a bilingual lawyer english spanish downey ca in these situations is essential. Plus, an attorney does more than just communicate verbally. You might also ask your attorney to help with signing and filing paperwork.

Avoid Misunderstandings 

Misunderstandings can negatively affect a case even before it begins. A simple misunderstanding between attorneys and clients happen all the time, even if they do speak the same language. Just imagine if your primary language is Spanish and your attorney’s is English. The two of you would struggle with understanding each other. The less there is to translate – whether it’s hospital records or police reports –¬† the more you can avoid misunderstandings between you and your attorney.

If you and your attorney are on the same page, then you have a higher chance of winning your case. Speaking the same language doesn’t just apply in the figurative sense, but it also applies in a literal sense.

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