Know Your Workers Compensation Benefits

Workers compensation is essential for any employees who work in a field that could risk injury. Even those in office jobs can suffer from back injuries after sitting all day for years, and workers compensation is designed to pay the cost of an employee’s injury without punishing the employer, thus encouraging the employer to get workers comp coverage.

Check to see if your employer has workers compensation (not all are legally required to) and then see which of the following is covered so that you know your rights in the event of an injury. An employer can search for workers comp options near them online (for example, type in “workers’ compensation Maitland FL.”

Medical Costs

Medical expenses are one of the biggest when it comes to an injury. Doctor appointments, medical exams and tests, physical therapy and other costs can all be covered with workers comp. You only need to prove that these expenses are linked to an injury that you suffered at work.


If you become disabled because of an injury, workers comp can continue to cover you for your disability. This also goes toward reoccurring injuries that continue to pop up later. Your employer may also work with you to set you up in a new position that can be completed with your disability.

Lost Wages

Some injuries are so severe, you cannot work during recovery. Workers comp pays you for the wages you would have received if the accident had not occurred. This can help ease the stress of paying medical and damage expenses.


Sometimes an injury happens in the form of illness. For example, if you were exposed to asbestos on the job, you can get compensated for falling ill.

If you have trouble obtaining your rightful workers comp, consider contacting a lawyer for help.

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