2 Ways to Narrow Your Search for a Good Lawyer

If you`ve been busy searching attorneys near me Edmonds WA on social media or the internet, chances are you have still found way too many options to simply pick one. When the only thing you can see are bold, flashy headlines and smiling photographs, it is easy to settle on an attorney based on presentation. This isn`t the best choice, as it is easy to portray what people want to see from online. To truly know if a lawyer is a good fit for your case, you have to interview him or her.

Conduct an Old-Fashioned Search

While it is a lot easier to stalk people on social media, you need to narrow down your search to a few qualified potentials in order to meet them in person. You can start by asking friends or family for suggestions, but if you don`t get any good recommendations, read the online reviews. Look for a lawyer that is experienced in the area of law that you need, then read what you can find online. This will let you know if the office is worth a phone call.

Avoid the Glamour

Daytime television often hosts a number of personal injury or bankruptcy attorney advertisements. If you see big billboards, hear radio commercials, or see a tv ad telling you to call them now, you might want to choose another option first. These firms often have a large advertising budget, and your case may be a waste of their time. Not that your case isn`t valid, but it may not be valuable enough to them. As a general practice, the more glamourous the attorney, the higher the retainer.

These two tips can help you narrow down where to look for an attorney. As your civil rights or freedom may depend on it, don`t make the choice lightly.

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