Wed. Oct 23rd, 2019

Why Should I Work with a Bail Bondsman?  

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When it comes to posting bail, a person has a variety of options, depending on the situation. For example, property bonds and cash bails are two common solutions. Both of these involve using personal funds and property as collateral in exchange for freedom. However, there’s another option: a surety bond. This involves working with a bail bondsman who can post bail for you.

Exactly what are the benefits to this option?

From easing financial burden to reducing the amount of time a defendant has to sit behind bars, a bail bondsman’s service comes with all sorts of advantages.

Financial Benefits

Although judges are supposed to match the bail amount to the severity of the crime, sometimes the expense is simply too much for a person or family to offer the court. The funds a person uses for bail aren’t returned until the all court appearances have been made, and this timeline can easily stretch on for months.

Rather than enduring financial hardship while waiting for the collateral to be returned, a defendant can rely on a bail bondsman to ease the burden. A bail bondsman service, such as Patriot Bail Bonds, will ask for an affordable fee from a customer – in Colorado the minimum price is $50 – and then cover the cost of the bail.

Legal Experience

Not everyone is a legal expert, but when it comes to handling bail, it helps to have one in your corner. Bail bondsmen have plenty of experience not just working through the bail process, but also with dealing with people who are confused and intimidated by the justice system. Bail bondsman can provide guidance in a very difficult time. Most people discover that working with these types of services makes the overall experience less stressful.

On the other hand, people who go through the process alone tend to find plenty of frustration in the form of legal paperwork. The stakes can be high with this paperwork, as minor mistakes can leave a person sitting in jail for longer than necessary.


Speaking on timelines – a bail bondsman’s familiarity with the process can also reduce the amount of time a defendant spends struggling with the situation. Bail bondsmen not only use their knowledge of legal matters, but also their networking skills to move things along. A professional bail agent who has a strong reputation in the local courts can be a tremendous help to a defendant.

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