Sunday, 21 Apr 2019

What Type Of Compensation Is Available To Nursing Home Neglect Victims

Thanks to the laws in Minnesota, victims of nursing home neglect or abuse have the right to fight for and recover full compensation for their damages. Unfortunately, the battle goes both ways and nursing home facilities also have the right to aggressively defend themselves and their staff from these allegations. Luckily, Kosieradzki Smith Law Firm LLC is on your side. They will help you and your loved one recover every penny spent at the facility and then some, compensation for damages, and medical expenses if necessary.

Depending on your specific case, you may be entitled for the following:

  • Compensation for pain and suffering,
  • All medical expenses paid for,
  • Costs and expenses for relocating your loved one to another facility,
  • Long term disability and/or physical therapy,
  • Wrongful death and damages, or
  • Treatment for mental or emotional distress.

If you believe that your case would hold up in a court of law to carry out the misjustice, please reach out to the experts in nursing home abuse defense in MN. Kosieradzki Smith Law Firm has helped countless amounts of people get the respect and attention they always deserved as well as compensation for the hardships they endured. The attorneys at Kosieradzki are prepared and willing to fight aggressively to hold the nursing home facility and their staff fully accountable for their misconduct. Get your free consultation with one of our attorneys today.

If you are unsure whether or not to file a claim, it is always best to follow your gut and speak with an attorney. Let them help you better understand whether or not your concerns raise a red flag. Perhaps you aren’t the first complaint to come forth about this specific law firm and your testimony is just what they need to carry out misjustice for several nursing home neglect victims.

There are state laws put in place to protect nursing home residents from any form of abuse including the 1987 Nursing Home Reform Act and Minnesota’s Health Care Bill of Rights. Make the time to review these state laws and make sure you’re loved one is receiving the utmost professional care as outlined in them. Your loved one’s should be protected under these laws. If your nursing home facility falls short in any of the outlined areas in those laws, you could hold them legally liable for nursing home neglect. Don’t wait, contact the experts today and stop worrying about your loved ones. Get back your peace of mind.