Thu. Aug 22nd, 2019

Use Online Divorce Forms or Hire Divorce Lawyer

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When do you need to hire a family law lawyer and when it is okay to just use an internet divorce from site to save a little money? This page will give a few pointers to help you decide whether to do it yourself or retain a divorce attorney.

What does it mean to use an internet divorce form site?

Essentially, using an internet form site in your divorce case means that you will represent yourself and work as your own attorney. All of the internet divorce form websites have disclaimers making it clear that they are not your attorney and are just preparing documents on your behalf. While it is your constitutional right to work as your own attorney, there are some vital risks involved that should be evaluated before you take the internet route.

Additionally, you have to evaluate the particular site you are dealing with. Most are national websites that provide forms that they claim job in any state. Anyway, every state has different laws.

What if you have children?

While many of the divorce form websites claim to provide forms that address the important provisions regarding children (visitation, support, conservatorship, etc), it is extremely risk to use these generic forms when you have children. You must bear in mind that your divorce forms are being prepared using internet program that simply fills in the blanks with your answers to very simplistic no/yes or multiple choice questions. These replies may not necessarily fit your condition or you may not completely understand the question.

This is where Speaks Law Firm can make a huge difference. A attorney will learn more about your condition and find out actually what your documents need to say, instead of just the boilerplate language that the divorce sites program spits out. If you have kids, you should take the perfect route and hire a professional Wilmington NC divorce lawyer.

What if you own property?

Many of the divorce form websites also claim to provide forms that deal with hard property divisions. But when it comes to dividing any property beyond personal effects (furniture, clothes, etc), it is serious to rely solely on generic divorce forms. If you or your partner own real estate, 401K accounts, vehicles or other retirement accounts, or have any other liabilities or financial assets, an internet divorce form will not necessarily save your interests.

A best divorce attorney would be capable, to first, analyze your condition and determine what property division in your top interest, and second, make sure that all assets awarded to you were rightly transferred and the titles rightly recorded on your behalf.


Using an internet divorce form forever carries a certain amount of danger. If you are no children from the marriage and no property to distribute, then saving a few 100 dollars may be value the risk and the extra job you will have to do. But for most people, mainly those with property or children, it is very important to hire a professional divorce attorney to handle their case.

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