Sun. Apr 5th, 2020

Understanding Investor Visas

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Over the past few weeks, the trade war between China and the United States has gone from almost concluding to all talks being dismissed at a moments notice. The trade war between these two nations appears to have no end in sight, and it continues to detract from the world economy. With President Trump at the helm, the United States continues to have intellectual wars with other nations, and this undoubtedly includes Mexico. As president, Donald Trump has been pushing for a southern border wall to eliminate illegal immigration into the United States. With this said, the United States is beginning to appear like an isolationist nation, and it is difficult for individuals to migrate here. With Mexico neighboring Texas, there are individuals with the capital who have started applying for investor visas Houston TX. From a conservative standpoint, this is likely the most preferred right of passage to become a green cardholder.

Applying for Investor Visas

As the world economy continues to become more intertwined, first world nations are looking for any economic advantage over competing countries. Nations such as the United States use investor visas as a means of incentivizing investment into the country by also receiving citizenship in the form of a green card. Many attorneys and other professionals familiar with this area of immigration law refer to this as the employment fifth preference. The only individuals who are susceptible to waiting lists for these visas are citizens of China, India, and Vietnam due to increasing demand.

Running an Investor Visa Business

There are multiple stipulations that must be adhered to before the investor visa is given to the immigrant. For instance, all of the capital used to operate the business must come from the initial investor. Applicants for investor visas must also hire a certain amount of full-time employees and must play an active role in the company.

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