Thursday, 23 May 2019

Top 8 Questions to Ask Your Divorce Attorney

Planning to hire a divorce attorney? Is it the first time that you are meeting a divorce attorney? If ‘yes’ is your answer then do not forget to ask the below mentioned questions to your attorney. Many people tend to forget asking few questions to their attorney during the initial consultation. In order to avoid facing problems later, it is better to ask all the questions during your initial consultation itself. Remember, forgetting to ask few important questions can land you in problems in future. Be it a child custody or a financial issue ask whatever questions you have in your mind to avoid confusion later.

Important Questions to Ask Your Attorney

# Question: 1 – How much fee do you charge?

Check with different attorneys about their fee structure before hiring. Understand whether they charge you on hourly basis or fixed rate. Remember, divorce cases generally take many years for the final hearing.

# Question: 2 – My children want to live with me. Is that possible?

Do not forget to ask this question to your attorney during your first consultation. A divorce attorney will let you know everything in detail about the law related to child custody. Check with your attorney about the chances for you to obtain your child custody.

# Question: 3 – What is the divorce procedure here?

We all know that each and every state has different procedures to apply for divorce. An experienced divorce attorney will also provide you the timeline estimation as well according to your case complexity.

# Question: 4 – I have joint assets with my spouse. What is the solution for that?

Each and every state has different property laws. Hence, it is important to check with your attorney about the procedure to get back your property.

# Question: 5 – How to get divorce without paying alimony?

Your spouse may look for alimony when you apply for divorce. If you don’t want to pay alimony to your spouse then ask your attorney about the procedure.

# Question: 6 – How many clients do you handle at a time?

Check with your attorney about the number of clients he is handling at present. Avoid hiring a very busy attorney, as he/she may not get enough time to spend on your case properly.

# Question: 7 – How many divorce cases you handled successfully?

Ask your attorney how many cases he handled successfully. This will help you to find a good attorney in your location easily.

# Question: 8 – How much experience do you have in this field?

Hire an experienced attorney as they can handle your case better. Remember, the more the experience the better your attorney can handle your divorce case.

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