Tips For Finding the Perfect Nanny

When you’re a working parent, you want to have complete trust in the person who will be caring for your child. If you want the advantages of in-home care, individualized supervision and personal attention, hiring a nanny might be the best decision for your family. The process can seem daunting at first, but with the following tips you’ll have less stress through the interview process.

Know What You Need

Creating a job description can help you decide what you’re looking for in a nanny. What personality traits do you hope they have? How much previous experience do you prefer? Are they certified in first aid? Do they have a driver’s license? Make a list of the most important things you’re looking for. Also decide what character traits you will not accept. Place an ad through a domestic agency Los Angeles to get started.


When applications start to arrive, scan through each one to notice any candidates you can dismiss immediately. Using the lists you created for the job description, you can quickly weed through the pile of applications. Once you’ve narrowed down the list of people, meet for a first interview in a neutral location. A coffee shop works well for this meeting. Have a list of questions prepared to get to know the applicant better. After this, invite your top three nannies to your home for a second interview. You can watch how they interact with your children and discuss how the household works.

Background Check and References

This person is going to be in your home alone with your child so a background check is essential. Ask your potential nanny for references as well so you can follow up with previous families the nanny worked for.

Being thorough throughout the search and interview process will give you the confidence you need to place your child into another person’s care. Make an offer and sign a contract to complete the nanny hiring process. 

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