Things You Should Know About Oregon’s Workers’ Compensation

Most Oregon businesses must purchase workers’ compensation insurance. Although Oregon is a no-fault state, employees should understand employer liability Oregon and the workers’ compensation process to ensure their claims are addressed properly.


Your employer must be notified immediately, at least within 30 days, of an injury. The longer you delay in notification, the more apt the insurance company is to deny your claim. As soon as you can, notify your employer. Then, your employer will provide you with paperwork that must be filled out, including Form 801, and walk you through the claims process. Your employer must submit this form within 5 days of receiving your injury notification, so do not delay filling out this form.

Medical Personnel

Your employer or the company’s workers’ compensation insurer may require that you see specific doctors, so if possible, ask your employer about any requirements before seeking medical help. If your injury requires that you visit a doctor, be sure to inform your medical staff that the injury occurred on the job. The physician will be required to fill out Form 827 within 3 days of treating you.

Your condition will be evaluated and classified to determine whether you are eligible for temporary disability payments.


Within 60 days of filing a claim, the insurance company will inform you whether your claim has been accepted or denied. An acceptance notice will discuss any medical treatments that are approved by the insurer. It may also discuss disability payments and physician notification requirements.

Claim denials will result in a loss of temporary disability payments. Your medical treatment may also be denied


You have the right to appeal any denial within 60 days. However, contracting a workers’ compensation law firm may put you in a better position to get the claim settlement and treatment you need. Legal counsel may also prevent the denial of the original claim.

Whether you are an employer or employee, you should understand the workers’ compensation process and requirements.

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