Monday, 22 Oct 2018

Select the Best Lawyer For OUI Offence

When you are on the road, there are plenty of risks. If you are convicted of OUI that is Operating Under Influence, you can face severe consequences. Probation, hefty fines, jail and suspension of driving license for long periods of time  are some of the penalties. And if you have prior convictions in the past, the penalties and fines are heavier. If you are convicted of OUI, you will face probation, fines and jail terms. Even if you are not convicted but have failed the breath test or have refused to do the breath test, your driving license will be suspended for lengthy periods of time.

If you are convicted of an OUI offence but you don’t have any prior convictions, you will be saved from a mandatory jail term. But you are most likely to be placed on probation. If you have already been convicted in the past, you will be sentenced for not less than 60 days. The fine is minimum $600. Your license will be suspended for two years. You can get a hardship license after one year if you have to drive to school or work. For any other purpose you can get it after a period of 18 years. But as it is a hardship license, you will be given an interlocking device that is generally a breathalyzer placed in your car. You must pass it to turn on the engine.

If you have committed this offence for the third time, it is considered a felony in Massachusetts. In case you are convicted, the jail term can be for a minimum of six months. Minimum fine can be $1,000. Additionally your license will suffer from suspension of eight years. Hardship license will be available after a period of two years if you need to go to school or work. Otherwise the hardship license will be available after four years. Of course hardship license will come with interlocking device. The list goes on. Jail term, fine and period of license suspension increase if you have more past offences on your record.

This offence is no doubt a grave one. For example, you cannot go to office if you are sentenced to a jail term. You cannot take your children to school as well. That’s why you need an expert lowell criminal defense lawyer to fight your case for you. Keren Goldenberg also practices in homicide, drug related crimes such as dealing in marijuana, child abuse, domestic violence and abuse and restraining orders, sexual assaults at university campuses and colleges, theft of property and other violent crimes. She worked in New York City and Lowell as a public defender. She received her education from Northeastern University in 2003. She got Bachelors of Science from University of Toronto in 1995. She specializes in criminal defense and practice. She has also co-written a chapter of the book Trying Drug Cases in Massachusetts. It is lawyers’ handbook for representing clients who are accused of drug crimes.