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\We know that your family is the most vital part of your life. When changes and challenges present themselves, you deserve to work with lawyers who understand how to top support you and your family. At Kohlmeyer Hagen law office Chtd, we are committed to supporting families move forward in a confident and positive direction.

A unique approach

You were created to be unique and special, and is your condition. Every story is different, and that is why we listen. Your globe may be falling apart-we ask your about your pain. You are having a hard time-we ask you about your issues. The future is scary to you now-we ask about your frights.

Then, we talk your wants and provide you with best answers. We describe your options, and, together, we develop a plan. Working hand-in hand, we help you plan for an amazing future. We provide the peace of mind that comes with having honest choices and information.

Our target is to help you start moving forward. We encourage each customer to negotiate a fair settlement, but sometimes that is not easy. Our law firm leverages our extensive legal skill to your advantage in the event that conflict is unavoidable. We promise to represent you to the top of our capability. We understand you do not want to be taken benefit of, especially by your lawyer. Integrity matters, we job for you. We never forget it. Your family matters. It is broken at the moment, but we will support you put the pieces back together. That is why family law matters.

Family law

Kohlmeyer Hagen Law Office Chtd knows how absolutely frustrating and serious is to have to fight for the right to see your kid or to get ample financial help in the type of child support. We have years of skill in helping parents with custody of their kid. We also fight hard to get child support agreements enforced or modified because we trust that every parent has a liability to help take care of the children in a perfect way.

We expert in cases where conventional wisdom says we cannot win. We also fought for fathers in search of custody rights. Our philosophy is to fight hard for what is in the top interest of children and their families, and we pick our cases accordingly. We are proud of our family and criminal law practice and invite to explore all ways we can support you.

Contact us today

Family law matters are emotional. Whether these emotions are bad or good, such as the feelings that come from adding a fresh member to the family through adoption, or ending a marriage via a divorce, it will be reassuring to know you have someone on your side who is experienced, knowledgably and cares about you.

At Kohlmeyer Hagen Law Office Chtd provide you with actually you are looking for in a family law lawyer, and provide the best service and approach your case may demand. If you need a family law lawyer who can take on your case and get to work quickly, our team is here to help.

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