How you can Study Law Online and Its benefits.

Online studies have become quite popular now more than ever since Coronavirus hit the world by surprise. 

Now several top schools in the world offer law among other courses that can be done online. Before deciding to enroll in the online law school of your choice, there are some things you generally have to put into consideration. 

Look carefully into the school’s admissions rate, graduation rate, and employment rate of students after graduation. This will tell you about the quality of education being offered. 

One way of doing this is by reading online school reviews on review platforms such as ReviewsBird. The feedback given will assert the school’s accreditation and the performance of the different faculties within the school. 

For example, the school might get more positive reviews about the faculty of Admiralty more than the faculty of Intellectual property law. This will help you when deciding which fields of law you’d like to specialize in later in life. 

With that said, let’s look at some of the benefits of studying law online.

The benefits: 

  1. Convenience

Online study is pretty convenient for remote study. You can study from a law school that is thousands of miles away from your country. Saving you on the need to relocate if it was the traditional face to face studies. 

In that regard, before we go any further, you must understand that in Law, unlike other courses out there, your home country and the type of legal system being taught in the online school should be of importance before you decide to submit your application. 

What do I mean by this? The world legal systems vary from country to country. Some countries teach and practice civil law while others teach and practice common law. 

So, if you choose an online school that teaches civil law and your country practices common law, this will mean that you will not be able to practice law in your country. 

To help you make the right decision, consult with the administration to ensure that the law degree or diploma you will be getting from them will be useful in the end, because the last thing you want is having spent tons of money and time on a certificate that will be forlorn. 

Therefore, as much as online learning is convenient, care should be taken with this specific course. 

  1. Flexibility

Once you have finished with the application process and you’ve finally been admitted to the online school, the learning becomes very flexible.

For instance, the classes might be evening classes leaving the rest of the day for you to go to work or tender the needs of your family.

The location with online studies makes it flexible for you to study anywhere within your preferred locality. You might be on vacation and travel around the world whilst attending your classes.

Also, the availability of online libraries and online law resources centers make it even easier and flexible to access the reading materials that you need for your studies. 

Unlike the physical libraries where it might be closed on the holidays or at certain hours, online libraries are always open and flexible. 

  1. Cost 

Online learning is relatively cheaper than face to face learning. I’m saying relatively cheaper because as much as you get to pay less, it doesn’t mean that the amount you’ll pay is little. 

First, the school will be relying on a few service providers, the professors, and maybe from the IT department. There is no need for the hundreds of support staff and personnel to pay each month. Therefore, the fees will automatically reduce.

Secondly, some expenses which you’d normally have to pay in traditional learning like daily commuting money you won’t, thus saving you money. 

All you need to have is a comfortable workspace, ideally, an office or corner in your house set up with office supplies. 

You will need a desktop, printer, a couple of notebooks if you have no access to a notepad or you just prefer handwritten notes.

It shouldn’t be hard to access all the listed office supplies. You can simply get them online at any dedicated office supply store, for instance, (office supplies)

  1. Networking

Online studies have greatly defined networking!

Law schools in particular have moot court competitions. A co-curricular activity where students get to mock judicial proceedings to better their practicing skills.

An example is The Nelson Mandela World Human Rights Moot competition which this year has scheduled to happen virtually. Top law schools all over the world will join online for this competition.

Just from that, we tell how much professional interaction will happen and the vast exchange of information from different parts of the world. 

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