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Family law attorneys You can trust

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When dealing with a family law matter such as property division, divorce, or child custody, you need a Gig Harbor, WA attorney on your side with a verified track record. While family law court orders are often modifiable, the courts tend to provide deference to the past order. Therefore, getting it right the first time is vital.

At the Law Office of Amanda Cook, the philosophy of our family law is that in order to represent customers effectively, we have to be capable to represent all of our customers’ needs. We view your full situation and educate you on the process of divorce and how it applies to your life. We will present you how different decisions may impact your future and lay out a designed a map for you to follow as work combine to bring your case to what we hope will be a amicable and swift conclusion.

Family law mediation

An individual going through a mediation process should talk with an experienced family law lawyer. The mediator should be a neutral person. Before you go into a mediation setting, you should have a understanding of your rights and a practical outcome. A family law lawyer can talk with your outside of the mediation process and educate you, or alternatively the lawyer can attend the mediation with you as part of the mediation process. Either way, mediation can offer you and your partner with a more relaxed and nonadversarial setting for resolution of your problems, all of which can be addressed during a mediation session. If the mediation process is not a choice, perhaps due to the partner unwillingness to pursue a logical result, litigation remains a choice.

We will work tenaciously to resolve your case to your benefit, anyway your case proceeds.

Personalized focus to your legal matter

Whether you are seeking a divorce, needs a restraining order, want support or child custody, or need to resolve any kind of family law matter, contact Law Office of Amanda Cook. Backed by decades of experience, our team has a broad understanding of this complex practice area. We provide our customers with powerful representation, well-informed counsel and personalized services. You can count on us to guide you throughout the legal process while saving your rights and fighting for your legal interests.

After spending years helping our customers achieve their aims, our lawyers know that handling family law matters can be very frustrating and emotionally draining. That is why we are here to provide objective, sound advice as well as best guidance. Your top interests and well-being are our best priorities at all times. We will perform everything we can to resolve your family law issues in a timely and professional manner. Contact today at 253-265-7515 for a free consultation and find out how can help you.

Additionally, our team takes a personal approach to each customer and we assigned an individual legal help for every case. You can believe us to provide you with an individual representation you want and deserve.

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