Monday, 22 Oct 2018

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Do you know something about the Affidavit of Support? You can get the form from US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). You need this form if you are considering to sponsor someone for a green-card. Well, if you intend to sign this form, it is a long-term commitment. That’s why you need to know everything about the form.

If you sign a I-864 Affidavit of Support form, it will be your responsibility to support the green-card holder financially. So sponsorship needs financial responsibility. In other words you will be required to ensure that the person who you are sponsoring has due access to income that is 125% of federal poverty level. But it is not that you are required to fulfill these obligations for the rest of your life. But you will saved from these obligations if the green card holder dies or if he or she is deported or if the green card holder works for ten years or of he or she departs from the United States or if he or she gets American citizenship. These conditions are not easy. That’s why you should completely understand this before sponsoring someone.

Not everyone is eligible for sponsorship of a family-based green-card holder. You will need to prove that you have sufficient financial means for the purpose. In case you fail to prove that you are financially stable or have enough means to support your sponsor, you will not be able to sign the affidavit of support for a family-based immigration. But you will have another option. You can sponsor along with another person who will act a joint sponsor for you.

Some people sponsor the love of their life. They agree everything such as the Affidavit of Support blindly, marry their love and bring them to the United States. But things don’t go smooth for everyone all the time. You have to face lots of difficulties in your married life. Divorce is one of these complications. It is the end of everything. Usually a divorced couple don’t want to have any kind of connection. They can’t just accept it emotionally. But if have signed the Affidavit of Support, your relationship can’t just end with divorce. You will have to keep sponsoring your obligations. And as long as your spouse remains a green card holder, you will remain responsible for them.

This process is not very simple. You can’t do it on your own. First of all you need to know everything before signing the form, and only an experienced lawyer can help you learn everything. Law Offices of Joshua L. Goldstein have qualified and experienced staff who possess necessary skills for all types of immigration cases. They provide services to undocumented immigrants and families across the Los Angeles County including Torrance, Long Beach, Santa Monica, West Hollywood and Beverly Hills. A crooked lawyer will only waste your precious time without doing anything positive. That’s why select the best from the pool of talent.