Thursday, 21 Jun 2018

Carpools are the best way of transportation to/from work

In case that you don’t have a ride and you don’t want to go with public transportation that will only frustrate you after a while, the best thing that you can do is to choose carpool possibility with your coworkers.

It is the greatest way for socialization because you won’t drive alone in silence, but you will instead talk with your coworkers about previous experience and in some case maybe develops a stable friendship. You have to know that these friendships can help you feel more connected to the company you are working for. When you have a best friend that works with you, then you will feel better and stronger connection with a company, and you will at the same time try to be even better because of that.

We decided to present you the most relevant reasons why you should choose carpool instead of driving to work by yourself:

  • Save money – There were many different studies that have shown that people who are using carpool saved one billion dollars in the previous year, which means that you can save up to six hundred dollars a month by choosing this way of transportation. This is a great way to increase your budget for other important things that you need. In case that you are using carpool with only one person, that will cut your bill in the half, which is convenient if you want to save the money for travel or new house.
  • You will be able to save the environment – There were different studies that have that we would have lesser harmful emissions in the atmosphere if people were using carpool twice a week. That will at the same time help your social life, it will increase your wallet and at the same time boost your feelings for the environment.
  • Slide past traffics – There are many cities from all over the world that have carpool lanes, and by using them you will be able to cut your driving time in half and at the same time to reduce the amount of money that you will pay for gas and everything. However, in case that you are driving, you have to be prepared and to maintain frequently your car because, in the case of any accident, your coworkers could choose share ride accident lawyer and sue you because you weren’t prepared.
  • You will stop getting late – If you are about to enter the carpool mode, that meant that you have to be committed to getting up in the time and reaching the point. When you start using this kind of transportation, that will reduce the possibility of getting late and in the same time your boss will be happier and your quality of working will increase gradually. This is a great way of chasing the attention of your boss for future pay increases and upgrades.


Even though you haven’t yet realized all benefits of carpool, we think that after this article you will get the idea why it is the best way to your security, wallet and better working environment.