Benefits of Court Ordered Courses

For some criminal offenses, you may be ordered to complete education courses by the court. These courses are designed to help teach, or reteach, you the laws associated with your past actions as well as help you do better in the future. Some of these courses, such as defensive driving or texting while driving, can even reduce the number of points you have on your record. These courses can offer three main benefits to you and the community such as learning the risks associated with the actions, avoiding jail time or higher fines, and reducing recidivism rates.

Learn the Risks

Many of the court ordered courses you can find will be designed to teach you the risks involved with some behaviors. These include courses such as basic weapons, driving under the influence and John school diversion program classes which can sometimes be taken online. For instance, the John school is a diversion program that teaches the past or potential clients of prostitutes the risk of sexually translated diseases, violence associated with that profession and the effects on the family and community. For some, this can be a strong deterrent from the crime and they will pass this knowledge on to others who may be considering it.

Avoid Other Penalties

Courts and the US legal system are still studying the ongoing effects of education instead of incarceration or fines in the reduction of crime. For the community, offering education as a deterrent is less expensive than jail time and can free up law enforcement for more serious offenses. For the individual, both jail time and fines can be costly and sometimes even end up ruining lives both financially and socially whereas an education course is much less expensive, can sometimes be done from the comfort of your home and is less damaging to your career.

Reduce Recidivism

Court mandated courses such as anger management, decision making, and domestic abuse can reduce the amount of people who commit the same crime or a similar one. Ongoing education in the prison system can also reduce recidivism and ease the burden on society that criminals can represent. Not only does knowing the risks reduce the chances of a repeat in behavior, you can learn techniques for self-improvement and reach your goals easier.

Court ordered educational courses are often seen as a burden or annoyance, but they can offer many benefits to you as well as to the legal system and community. Using these as an opportunity to learn the risks, avoid other penalties and reduce recidivism can help you grow as a person and save your finances and career.

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