Tuesday, 19 Feb 2019

Being Prepared for Initial Consultation with Divorce Lawyer Helps Smooth Navigation of Divorce Proceedings

Divorce process is unpleasant, but be prepared to make it pass smoothly. In initial consultation with a divorce attorney, it is crucial to prepare a question list in advance. The possibility that you may forget to gain vital information and need to schedule another meeting with the attorney [paid consultation].

Questions necessary to ask

Divorce procedure

Procedures differ from one state to another. Time length of divorce process completion depends on the case complexity. Your lawyer is in the best position to estimate a timeline. It is crucial because you may be a full-time worker or have other responsibilities, which consume a lot of your time. If you are familiar with the divorce procedures then the time commitment needed for it can be scheduled in advance.

Alimony problems

There are legal rules, which state whether a wife can seek alimony from the husband. There are exceptions for specific situations. This can depend on several aspects like duration of marriage where one partner stays home to take care of kids or earning discrepancy between spouses. Raising this question in your initial consultation with the divorce lawyer helps to get an insight about your possible liabilities in the divorce process.

Child custody

Child custody is a sensitive topic among spouses on the way to get separated. Generally, there is a disagreement on who will keep custody. You need to be familiar with the factors the judge takes into consideration, while deciding which parent to give the involved kids custody. Generally, child custody issue prolongs the divorce procedure. You can even ask about dispute resolution options like arbitration or mediation. It can help to avoid going to trials.

Dividing marital assets

The rules of dividing joint assets between the couples differ in every state. Each state property laws dictate ownership right of each partner. So, ask the attorney about your state’s legal framework of dividing marital assets.

Fee structure

Attorney fees are either hourly or fixed. You wish to know whether the attorney you visit for consultation will bill you hourly or fixed rate. Divorce procedure can take years to get completed, so you need to be prepared for the financial allegation.

Other helpful legal questions to ask

  • What strategy will you apply for my case?
  • Will I work with you directly?
  • Are you familiar with my partner’s lawyer?
  • What is your prediction about my case?

Give honest answers

Be prepared to provide honest answers to the lawyer’s direct questions.

  • Why do you wish to get a divorce?
  • What is your expectation?
  • Will gaining child custody be a problem for you?
  • Did your spouse or you have an affair?

Important tips for first consultation with divorce lawyer

Arrive early

Some preliminary paperwork needs to be completed, as soon as you enter the local lawyer’s office for initial consultation. Arriving a little early allows you to fill the paperwork, prior scheduled appointment time. All this information in the paperwork is crucial for the Gig Harbor divorce attorney to offer best legal assistance.

Review your finances

You need to have knowledge about your stocks, bank accounts, savings, debts, and specific household finance details, before visiting the divorce lawyer.

Being fully prepared prior entering the lawyer’s office enables to avoid the stress of chaotic divorce procedure.