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Anybody can fall down the stairs at any location irrespective of age, gender and disposition. You can be a very careful person by nature who has used a particular stair countless times, and still one day find yourself falling down that same stair. It is not something reserved for children or the clumsy; anyone can fall down stairs and sustain serious injuries.

The fall may be your fault, maybe you missed your step, and misjudged the distance in your haste. It can also be blamed on the property owner who neglected to provide adequate protection on the stairs. If you sustain an injury from falling down the stairs because the staircase did not meet the required safety standards, the property owner is liable for the injuries sustained.

Common Injuries from Falling Down Stairs

One can sustain some surprisingly severe injuries from falling down stairs and some fortunate ones can escape with minor scrapes depending on the depth and type of staircase.

  • Traumatic brain injury which is common with this type of fall and usually severe due to the downward uncontrolled movement. This can easily lead to complications and sometimes death.
  • >Leg and ankle injury are also common with stair accidents. Legs and ankles are often used to break the fall and thus bear most of the impact of the fall.
  • >Bruises are a given when someone falls, unfortunately, some bruises are not easily obvious to the eyes.
  • >Dislocations can occur upon impact with hard surfaces.
  • >Broken bones can result from the fall as the body falls and twists on its downward journey.
  • >Internal bleeding> is a very dangerous because it may sometimes go unnoticed if proper medical attention is not received.

Other injuries one can sustain from falling down stairs include lacerations and contusions, sprains and strains, damage to internal organs, swellings, facial fractures and so much more.

Negligence and Liability in Stairway Falls

Most times, stairway falls are due to negligence where property owners fail in their obligation to care for their property. Legally, property owners are supposed to ensure that their buildings and entire premises – including stairs – are reasonably safe for guests and patrons.

The negligence in stairways can occur in the form of inadequate lighting, broken stair floors, slippery stairways, loose or inadequate handrails, steep and narrow stairs, worn/torn stair carpets or weak stair flooring. To bring a successful injury claim, the victim must be able to prove that the fall was due to negligence. Only then may the property owner be held liable for the injuries and compensations awarded to the victim.

If you sustain injuries from falling down stairs especially in a public property or property owned by someone else, immediately contact a slip and fall lawyer. The lawyer will advise you on the right action to take and determine whether the property owner can be held liable for your fall. The lawyer will then assist you to get maximum compensation for your injuries.

However, do not neglect to get medical attention first because some injuries may be internal or seem harmless but are actually harmful.

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