Why Pre-Employment Background Checks Are Necessary

If you are a small business owner, hiring mistakes can devastate your finances and your employees’ morale. These are some of the best reasons to consider performing pre-employment background checks before extending an employment offer.

Reduce Your Risk of Theft and Fraud

Background check services for employers can help small businesses avoid costly losses such as inventory shrinkage that reduces the amount of merchandise that is available to sell. Fraudulent behavior that can negatively impact your finances can also include the submission of timesheets that misrepresent hours worked and workers’ compensation claims for non-work-related injuries.

Reduce Turnover

Pre-employment background checks can reduce the risk of making a bad hire and help you avoid wasting money onboarding employees that wind up being detrimental to your business or who leave quickly. Red flags found on background checks can predict help weed out incompatible candidates in favor of those better suited to your company’s needs, goals and culture.  

Creates a Safer Workplace

A pre-employment background check can protect your business and employees from potentially violent behavior. Screening potential employees to eliminate those with questionable conduct, including anger issues, alcohol or drug abuse and recklessness, can prevent their negative consequences and the possible loss of your existing valuable employees. It can also reduce your liability exposure by eliminating negative interactions with your customers, suppliers and industry colleagues.

Verifies Experiences

A pre-employment background check can ensure that your potential employees have the education and professional experience indicated on their resumes. Businesses that hire candidates who make false claims about the level and source of their education or previous positions can damage your industry credibility when these fallacies lead to sub-par performance.

Small business owners who hire experienced companies to perform pre-employment background checks understand why performing adequate due diligence is necessary to protect their business’s long-term growth and success.  

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