Mon. Jan 27th, 2020

What You Need To Know About Package Testing

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Package testing is something that you probably are not thinking about going into business for the first time. However, if you make products to sell to either vendors or consumers, then you will need to determine what kind of testing your packages will need. Before you head out to find the right testing for your items, it is a good idea to know why and how it is tested, this can help you narrow down your options.

Why Is It Tested?

Various packages are tested for different reasons. Sometimes a package is tested because the items inside can be dangerous if they leak out and sometimes it is to keep the items inside safe from contamination. Some examples of this are manufacturing supplies that may be corrosive or food items headed to the consumer. When you are looking at distribution testing for your packages, you are also looking at how the weight of the package shifts depending on where it is bumped or how it is tipped. This testing can show whether you need to label packages as fragile, design a new package to handle the load and much more.

How Is It Tested?

Packages are tested by qualified parties called competent authorities who have facilities designed to put packages through a variety of scenarios to replicate standard shipping situations and various environmental effects. There are various government agencies, both foreign and domestic, which may have a hand in which kinds of tests each package type goes through. Many of these agencies will have standards for how the packaging materials can be used and which labels your packages will need to include.

Package testing can ensure that the items you produce will reach their destination with a minimum of damage. This can be required if you are selling items such as food, which needs to remain uncontaminated, or chemicals, which need to stay safe from reactants. You can find testing services in your area, or become a tester yourself, to aid in this process.

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