What Are the Qualities of a Seasoned Litigation Attorney?

No one wants to end up in court, but you may end up there if you are unable to settle your case. If you need to hire a litigation attorney Creve Coeur Mo, look for the following qualities. 

Ability to Persuade Others

One of the most valuable qualities of successful litigators is their ability to persuade others to see things from their viewpoint Whether they are dealing with jurors or a judge, they know how to convince others with a thoughtful argument.

Excellent Interpersonal Skills

Successful litigators are excellent communicators and possess the right balance of emotional intelligence and sharp intellect that makes them well-equipped to convince others.


An ability to state a case with confidence and conviction gives the best litigators the upper hand. This quality, combined with an ability to be authentic, can win a case despite a weak premise.

Strong Negotiation Skills

Despite failing to settle before going to court, many cases settle before juries deliberate if a skilled litigator handles the negotiation. Knowing when to press and when to hold back is an intuitive skill that only a well-seasoned litigator can master.

Highly Organized

Litigation is a highly detailed process. A litigation attorney must be well-organized with an ability to take disparate details and organize them in a logical and easy to follow manner. A litigator who knows what to include or exclude from an argument is essential for a favorable outcome.

Manages Expectations Well

An experienced litigator knows that there are no guarantees in court and will never promise a favorable outcome. Managing clients’ expectations to prepare them for any possibility is a quality of a responsible litigator.

They Have Positive Ratings

Litigators who serve their clients well receive high ratings on AVVO and other websites that provide client feedback.

A skilled litigator can make all the difference to your case’s outcome if it goes to court.

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