Sun. Mar 29th, 2020

Unusual Adoptions You Have Never Heard About

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Adoption is the act of accepting responsibility for another human being that was not born to you. It is a legally binding action, done through the court system. You may be familiar with the term adoption, but you have probably never heard of most of the adoptions on this list. Here are four unusual types that may surprise you.

Adult Adoption

Did you know it is legal to adopt an adult? Whether you want to add a family member or establish someone to inherit your kingdom after you pass, you don’t have to choose a child to adopt. Since the adult is of consenting age, he or she must agree to be adopted, but other than that, the procedure is much the same as a child adoption.

Stepchild Adoption

Each state has its own laws regarding the adoption of step children under the state’s jurisdiction. If you are planning a step parent adoption Maryland you need to find legal representation in order to understand what paperwork your local court needs in order to approve the change in legal status.

Open Adoption

An open adoption takes a special type of relationship between the birth parents and the adoptive parents for it to work. The open relationship allows the birth parents to have information about or visiting rights to the child until the child reaches the age of majority.

Foster Adoption

When a foster child is adopted by the fostering parents, it is called a foster adoption. This form of adoption often begins when the child is placed in the home, rather than after the family has bonded with the foster child.

Although there are many other types of adoptions, these are the four that most people don’t know about. Adopting a child can be expensive and emotionally complicated. That is why many people never do it. To those that do adopt, hats off to you!

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