Tips for Choosing a Concealed Carry Holster

Many people take their time when they choose a handgun, but if they don’t spend time and effort choosing a holster, they may put themselves and others in danger. Holsters not only conceal your weapon and make it easier to carry, but they also prevent it from firing and position your firearm so it is easy to draw and aim. Consider these tips when choosing your holster.


You want your weapon in your possession. Therefore, you don’t want your holster to move and shift as you move. You also don’t want your gun to move inside the holster. Whether your holster or firearm shift, you will be tempted to adjust it frequently, revealing it to those around you. For example, a concealed shoulder holster should sit securely against your ribcage on your nondominant side and should not slide around your shoulders. In addition, you want the trigger covered, but you want to get a good grip before drawing your gun.


Avoid purchasing a cheap holster. Your choice of holster is just as important as your choice of a weapon. Therefore, be willing to invest in a high-quality holster made from long-lasting materials. Consider your budget, and purchase the best holster your budget will allow. You may be purchasing multiple holsters as time goes on, so try a few out to see what works best and is within your budget.


Your holster must stay hidden. Large or bulky weapons or holsters may be easily detected, especially on a small person or someone wearing tight or lightweight clothing. When you are choosing your firearm and holster, try it on. Cover it with your clothing. Do you see the outline of the weapon, or is it hidden? Move and jump around with it on. Does it shift or does the fabric from your clothing wrap or get stuck behind the holster?

Consider spending time testing holsters prior to your purchase. 

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