Signs That You Need a Plumber

Although we often take it for granted, our plumbing is vital to our everyday lives. However, not every plumbing problem is as obvious as a burst pipe or visible leaks, requiring the immediate services of plumbing companies Geneva IL. Catch small plumbing issues early so they don’t become huge, expensive problems.

Slow Drains and Weird Sounds

Do your sink and tubs drain slowly and have you tried chemical clog removers without results? In addition, if your pipes, appliances or toilets are making gurgling or running water noises, especially if this noise is new, you may have a clog or a leak. Whether you have a blockage that requires removal or a buildup of hair or oil that causes water to stand in your sinks and tubs, this is not sanitary.


If you have a cracked sewage pipe on your property or street, you will begin to smell sulfur in your home. It may smell like natural gas at first, but it will smell more and more like sewage. No matter what it smells like, if you have an odd smell in your home, you need help. If you find the smell to be sewage, call a plumber, but if you smell gas, call emergency services.


Dripping suggests a bad seal in your plumbing, and the loss of water can cost you. If you cannot fix the leak yourself, consider contacting a licensed plumber.

Frozen Pipes

If you are in an area that freezes, you know about frozen pipes. Because your pipes are full of water and water expands when it freezes, frozen pipes can burst and do incredible water damage to your home. You may install insulation around your pipes before winter. However, if your pipes do freeze, a plumber may be able to get the water moving again before damage is done to your pipes. If your pipes have burst, you will need a licensed professional to repair and replace them.

Don’t be afraid to seek professional help for even minor plumbing issues. You will protect your home and prevent costly repairs down the road.

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