Sun. Mar 29th, 2020

Little Known Facts About Protective Orders

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No matter what you call it, the restraining order, protective order, or order of protection against violence, was created to provide legal protection from abuse, violence, and threatening situations. Here are some little-known facts about protective orders.

  1. Inclusive

When you ask the court for an order of protection, you can include your children, significant others, or even your roommates. When the order is in place it will include the same rules that apply to you, including no-contact.

  1. Emergency

If you have an emergency situation and ask for a protective order Fairfax, you may be awarded an Emergency Protection Order. This special court issued document is in force for up to seven days and carries the exact same penalties as a restraining order when the victim is faced with domestic violence.

  1. Concerns

Under a protective order, there are several areas of concern for the court. These concerns can cause the courts to extend the following limitations: the accused is not allowed to make contact with the victim; the accused must stay 300 feet away from any person listed on the order of protection; and if the accused is allowed to visit the couple’s children, it must be done under the supervision of a court appointed representative.

  1. Animals

The anger between the victim and the abuser can often spill over onto the family pets. When this happens, there are some states that allow coverage under the protection order to be granted to the family pet or pets.

  1. Protection

The protective order can last from one-year to five years; however, there are exceptional cases that require protection to be granted for a lifetime. If you still feel threatened when your order expires, you can renew it with good cause.

If you find yourself in a threatening situation that results in a violence, don’t wait until your life is in question, request an order of protection from the courts. You and your children deserve to be safe.

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