How Do Arizona Courts Calculate Child Support?

Reaching an agreement about child support is one of the most important objectives for parties who are getting divorced. In addition, formalizing a child support agreement is an important way for unmarried parents to reach an understanding about how they will provide for their children. Courts and the Department of Economic Security tend to use a formulaic approach to determining parents’ support obligations. Here are some things that you should know about how support orders are calculated and the circumstances in which they may be modified.


Parents’ income will be a determinative factor in the amount of child support that they have to pay. After a divorce, courts aim to establish support levels that will help children to enjoy the same quality of life that they did prior to the time that their parents stopped living together.


Courts attempt to divide financial responsibility in accordance with how much time children will be spending with each parent. A parent who has full custody of children will be entitled to more support than a parent who shares custody jointly. If you have questions about how custody and parenting time affects child support or other family law concerns Tucson AZ, reach out to a firm that is experienced in helping families in your area.

Medical Expenses

One of the most important elements of a child support order is allocating medical costs. Courts want to conclusively establish which parent will be responsible for providing for children’s medical insurance and paying for medical bills.


In limited circumstances, a court will grant a petition to modify a child support order. If parents’ circumstances change in a way that prevents them from complying with an order, it is essential that they seek a modification rather than stop paying the ordered amount. Also, changes in custody or parenting time may entitle a parent to a modification.

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