Fri. Feb 28th, 2020

Creating a Growing Nest Egg

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Senior Citizen holding three golden eggs in a bird’s nest.

As people enter the workforce, they will often have the chance to earn more money than they can spend. This is a good way to start saving money. Starting a savings account at an early age has many advantages. One of the chief advantages of doing so is the opportunity to earn compound interest over time. Compound interest is interest that accumulates over a long period of time and adds to the person’s capital. In general, the earlier the person begins saving money, the better off they will be as they approach their retirement later in life. Setting up nest egg can also be helpful in other ways. People can use this nest egg to do things such as buying a home, helping a child get a start in life and avoiding fiscal problems should they suffer a temporary fiscal setback. 

Reviewing Your Finances 

One of the first things to do is to set up a budget. Anyone who is just in the workforce should look closely at their finances. This includes having a close look at every single thing they spend money on in any given week and longer time frames such as three months. This way, it is easier to spot places where people can save money over time. For example, a person may figure out they are spending a significant sum of money buying coffee each week on their way to work. Instead of buying it, they can choose to make it at home, thus saving money that can be put in a nest egg. 

Setting Up a Plan 

Setting up a plan is an ideal way to help create a viable nest egg. Each person should think about all aspects of their financial plan on a weekly basis. It helps to look at the money they have saved over time. It can also useful to work with personal financial planner. A personal fiscal planner can help pinpoint how to use the funds the person has saved already. For example, they can point out what kinds of investments are available for the saver and which ones make the best sense for their plans in life. A person may wish to focus at first on higher risks savings opportunities such as individual stocks. This way, they can earn a higher rate of return and grow their nest egg over time. 

Watching it Grow 

Perhaps one of the greatest joys of setting up a basic nest egg is watching it grow. Many savers are pleased to note their savings are growing by leaps and bounds. Even if they don’t add much later, they will still have a nest egg they can tap into as needed in the event of a fiscal emergency or just for a fun experience such as a trip abroad. Setting up a savings account can also help people feel a sense of confidence over time as they realize they are capable of creating a large nest egg in their lives.


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