Common Emotions After Being Arrested

Being arrested and facing criminal charges can be a traumatic experience. Individuals who have been arrested numerous times may be calm, depending on personality types, but most people will feel disturbed, sometimes to a debilitating level. Here are some common emotions people may experience if they find themselves going to jail.


Those who are arrested often experience anxiety, unless they have been arrested frequently or are mentally incapacitated at the time due to alcohol or drugs. For some, the anxiety may continue through the entire process, whether or not they are guilty of the crime for which they are accused. Other people may only have short-lived anxiety immediately upon arrest. After their thoughts have settled, they may begin sorting out their options in an orderly and even business-like manner. Depending upon a reliable bonding agent Columbus OH goes a long way toward reducing or eradicating anxiousness.


Some people may feel anger upon being arrested, especially if the police were called in response to already violent actions in cases of domestic abuse, for example, or during fights. Police may not always be able to defuse this angerright away and help the person calm down. They are focused on safely and quickly removing the person from an explosive situation and getting them safely to jail. Once ensconced in a cell, the person may then begin to calm down and consider what has happened in a calmer state.


While anxiety is a type of fear, some people may feel extreme fear, especially if they are afraid of police in the first place or are unsure why they are the ones being arrested. In some cases, fear of punishment can be a catalyst for genuine change. However, in other instances, fear can dishearten people and take away the positive energy they might need in their defenses.

The emotions shown upon arrest are as varied as the individuals involved. For the best general outcome, however, those arrested and charged should try to calm down quickly so that they can participate in the legal process actively and effectively.

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