Be a Responsible Concealed Carry Permit Holder

Although gun ownership is a right in the US, concealed carry is a privilege. As with any right or privilege, you have responsibilities. Gun ownership and concealed carry privileges require that you take steps to keep yourself and other safe.


If you are granted a concealed carry permit, you are responsible for ensuring that your weapon remains concealed when you are outside your home. Therefore, you need to choose concealment holsters that can be worn with a variety of clothes during all seasons. After you have chosen your holsters, you also need to choose the best clothes for concealed carry. Although some fashions will hide your weapon, others will not. Your focus should be on concealment and then style.

Choose the Right Weapon

Just like clothing, you have to try out your weapon before purchasing it. You don’t want a weapon that won’t stop a criminal, such as a one-shot .22 caliber pistol, but you need to be able to control it. Choosing a weapon that is either too large or too small can be dangerous. Therefore, you may go to a gun range and try various weapons to determine which is the most comfortable and which you can handle. Then, purchase a second weapon that is either the same model or a similar model as a backup weapon.

Weapons Training

You are responsible for operating your weapon properly. Your first stop after purchasing your weapon should be a handgun safety course. You may have to take a safety course prior to earning your permit, but if not, you should pursue this training immediately after purchasing your weapon.

Concealed carry training should also be considered. This advanced training will teach you how to handle and operate your weapon. It will also discuss proper ways to conceal your weapon. You will receive instruction on drawing and operating your weapon, including firing while moving.

Keep your skills sharp by regularly visiting firing ranges and consider participating in gun competitions.

As you apply for a concealed carry permit, learn about your responsibilities as a gunowner and permit holder.

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