5 Best College Majors for Future Lawyers

Many students that wish to be lawyers have a hard time deciding what they want their college major to be. Contrary to popular belief, pre-law is not a college major at most universities, leaving students to decide what area of study will best prepare them for their future careers. However, there are several majors that law schools tend to look for.

1. History

History is one of the most common majors among students admitted into law schools. In addition to reading comprehension and writing skills, history students learn about legislative history, important historical court cases and types of governments. This knowledge can prepare you for a career as a criminal lawyer, family lawyer, personal injury lawyer Kingstree SC and more.

2. English

English majors read all types of literary works that improve their ability to comprehend written word and extract important information. They also gain writing experience and learn to create well-crafted and persuasive arguments.

3. Math

Math may not be a major you typically associate with pre-law, but math students, on average, score very well on their LSAT exams. Practicing mathematics builds analytical and reasoning skills that students can use to solve complex problems.

4. Political Science

Political science is another one of the most common pre-law majors. Many aspiring lawyers are interested in political systems, as they tend to intertwine with legal systems. Political science majors gain analytical skills and an understanding of the judicial branch of government.

5. Psychology

For many areas of law, an understanding of the human mind and decision-making processes is very valuable. Psychology majors also gain valuable critical-thinking, communication and research skills.

The most important thing for aspiring lawyers is to choose a degree that interests them and will help them develop skills that will be useful in their careers. While these are five of the best majors for future lawyers, law schools are typically open to non-traditional majors.

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