Fri. Aug 7th, 2020

4 Things You Must Know Before Hiring a Bail Bondsman

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Being responsible for getting a loved one out of jail can be an unnerving experience, particularly if you are unfamiliar with the steps to take. Should you call a Harrisburg bail bondsman? How do you know which one to select? If you decide to obtain a bail bond, keep these tips in mind during your selection process.

You May Not Really Need a Bail Bond

If the bail is set low enough that it is affordable, you can just pay it with cash. It is also possible to use your assets as collateral, but you must ensure that your loved one shows up to every single court date, or you could lose everything you have posted. Cars, houses and jewelry can typically be used in lieu of money.

You are Responsible For the Defendant

When you obtain a bond or pay someone’s bail, you are essentially putting your assets on the line for them. If they fail to show up to court, you will suffer the financial responsibility of their actions. Even lateness to court can result in loss of money or collateral. Ensure that the person you are going to bat for is trustworthy and understands the rules before you sign or pay anything.

A Bail Bond May Not Be Enough 

Paying for bail may get your loved one out of jail, but they may still be required to do things such as attending anger management or drug rehabilitation programs, depending upon the crime committed.

Not All States Allow Bail Bonds

Before you even begin searching for a bond, ensure that they are legal in your state. Currently, bail bonds are not permitted in Maine, Oregon, Massachusetts, Kentucky, Illinois, Wisconsin and Nebraska.

Hiring the best bail bondsman for your situation can be a daunting experience. Ensure that you understand the needs of your loved one and their bail situation before you make any decisions.

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