3 Things That All Maritime Workers Should Know Regarding Work-Related Injury

If you are a maritime worker, odds are you are familiar with many of the rules and nuances that surround your employment. Yet, you may not be entirely familiar with what happens if you get injured on the job. Maritime workers get injured while working nearly six times more frequently than other US workers, so it is essential to be prepared. Here are three things that you should understand now in case of injury.

Find an Experienced Maritime Lawyer

Be proactive and find yourself an attorney who specializes in maritime law. Every injury is different, and it behooves you to have someone on standby who truly understands the intricacies of your type of employment. A good lawyer should also be able to guide you through Jones Act litigation Houston TX.

Understand the Jones Act

The Jones Act can provide compensation for medical bills and anything else related to injury on the job. Familiarize yourself with this law because it could eventually become extremely beneficial should you ever get hurt at work. This does not only apply to physical injury, either. Pain and suffering and fringe benefits are also often covered under this act.

Get a Written Contract 

Before you begin a sea job, ensure that you have received and that you fully understand your written contract. This should explain all of your job duties as well as any details regarding compensation. This contract should also lay out details regarding injury and what happens to your salary should you need to take some time off. Though verbal commitments are often the easiest, you need a hardcopy of a contract that you have access to at all times should you ever need to reference it. 

Having a job on the water can be extremely rewarding. Ensure that you understand the legalities surrounding your profession and you should have a successful career.

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