3 Driving Tips for Commercial Truck Drivers

Getting your commercial driving license and finally being able to take that big rig out on the road is exciting. You are entering a dynamic career that will take you across the country. Follow these tips for a safe driving experience.

1. Follow Traffic Laws

Being a safe driver means following traffic laws. Stick to the speed limit. Some roads have separate speed limits for trucks and cars, so pay attention to the signage. Don’t use a cell phone while driving. Make sure to always stop at the weigh stations when they are open. Always stop at red lights and stop signs and never make illegal turns. If you do break a traffic rule you might wind up with CDL traffic tickets, which can be expensive and cost you your license. Follow the traffic rules to avoid them.

2. Take Frequent Breaks

Driving is tiring and can result in dosing off and losing control of your vehicle. To prevent this from happening, take breaks when you need to. Get out of the truck and take a walk. Do some stretching. While you’re taking a break, inspect your truck for soft tires and dripping coolant or oil. Take care of any problems as soon as possible. If you need to, pull over and take a nap. Take care of yourself while driving to keep healthy and alert. 

3. Pay Attention To the Weather

Check the weather report before you hit the road so you know what to expect. Avoid dangerous driving situations if you can. Remember that bridges freeze before roads and take into account that you’ll need to adjust your driving speed for wet roads. 

Driving commercial trucks can take a lot out of you. Long hours sitting in the same seat can be monotonous. However, you are on the road with other drivers and need to drive safely. Follow these tips and you’ll get to your destination without any problems. 

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