Tue. May 26th, 2020

What is family lawyer and how can they help

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Essentially, family lawyers are exactly what they sound like, lawyers who specialize in matters relating to family law and legal issues occurring within the family.  Family lawyers can be effective both inside and out of the courtroom.  Family lawyers have the ability to act as mediators regarding family conflict as well as represent families or individuals within the family if matters end up in court.  So, how can a family lawyer be of service?


Probably one of the most common needs for a family lawyer is when married individuals decide to get a divorce.  The attorney would initially act as a mediator here, in an effort to help the couple separate as amicably and rationally as possible.  This can help avoid the divorce case going to court when the couple cannot agree on the terms of the dissolution of their marriage.  Emotions do often play a major role during the divorce process, so it may be difficult for the couple to think rationally and be willing to go their separate ways without the assistance of a rational, unbiased attorney who has their individual best interests in mind.

Child Custody

Whether a couple is married or not, when they decide to separate, one of the biggest points of disagreement is typically what happens to the children involved.  When couples share a child together, it is important to keep the kids’ best interests at heart, and when emotions are running high, this can be difficult for the parents to do.  A family attorney can help parents come up with a child custody agreement that both parties can agree to and file it with the courts.  This way, both parents are legally bound to the contract and the care of the children should be carried out as outlined.  The attorney can also help them amend the custody agreement as circumstances change.

Prenuptial Agreements

Entering marriage and deciding to share your entire life with another person can be extremely stressful.  There are so many unknown variables, and you may be concerned with what happens in the event that things don’t end happily ever after.  To put your mind at ease and protect yourself in the event of a failed marriage, a prenuptial agreement can be drafted by a family lawyer.  The contents of the agreement vary by the couple, but the goal is to outline terms of spousal support (if there is to be any) and the division of assets.

Estates and Wills

We all spend our entire lives working to acquire everything we have.  Unfortunately, at some point, we all do pass on, and when we do, we may want to pass our belongings and assets to our loved ones.  A will is a legal document that can be drafted by a family attorney, which dictates how an individual would like to divide their estate when they die.  It is the responsibility of the attorney, on the event of your death, to ensure the will is carried out.  The division of the estate as dictated by the will is a legal document, so you can rest easy that what you wish will happen.

Family attorneys are of extreme importance, and this may often get swept aside.  As you can see, they have many functions, all in support of the family unit.  They can help family members rationally handle disagreements, keep the handling of family matters within the confines of the law, and make sure that your actions are not clouded by your emotions, which is often the case when it comes to people who are or were so close to each other.

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