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How Long Do You Have to be Married to Get Paid Alimony?

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Alimony is defined as the monetary payments made by one person to another after a divorce. The idea behind alimony is that in many marriage arrangements, one person does not reach their economic potential. This could be because one party chose to stay home with the children so the other spouse could focus on their career. This is a great example of a situation where alimony helps create a more equal situation even after a couple goes their separate ways. But how long do you have to be married to get paid alimony? This can vary greatly depending on the situation, continue reading to get all the facts.

Temporary Alimony

There are differences between temporary and permanent alimony, and they may not be what you think. Temporary alimony simply refers to the payments made to the less well-off spouse while the divorce proceedings take place. It exists to make sure that both parties instill a sense of normalcy in their own lives. Permanent alimony is more difficult to calculate than temporary alimony and remains in place once the trial is over.

Length of the Marriage

The length of a marriage plays a big factor in how much alimony is received, or whether it is received at all. So how long do you have to be married to receive some sort of alimony? Generally, the marriage must have lasted for at least five years. If the marriage was dissolved after less than ten years, the duration of the alimony is usually cut in half. For example, in a ten year marriage alimony might be awarded for five years. For long-term marriages which endured 20 years or more, alimony may last indefinitely.

Alternate Factors Used to Determine Alimony

Even though the length of the marriage is an important consideration when calculating alimony, a judge may also take other things into account. Other aspects include whether the person looking to receive alimony has a college education or job training. The courts will also consider how each spouse lived prior to the divorce and award alimony so that the requesting spouse does not have to completely change their lifestyle.

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