Divorce: How To Create the Best Outcome

There are a few things that newlyweds don’t want to talk about, and one of them is divorce. After all, why should they? They are looking forward to a bright future, and that possibility is nowhere on their radar screen.

Unfortunately, problems can crop up, and divorce is sometimes necessary. 

Divorce in the United States: The Statistical Facts

In 2018 there were more than 782,000 divorces and annulments in the United States. According to the most recent U. S. Census data, the divorce rate in 2018, the most recent year tallied, was 7.7 women for every 1000. This is almost half the married rate, which is 16.6 women for every 1000. With close to half the marriages ending in divorce, it is something that may need to be addressed in many marriages. 

Other issues often accompany divorce, chief among which are financial troubles for one or both ex-spouses. Additionally, divorce can be particularly hard on any children of the marriage.

Divorce on a Personal Level: The Best Outcome

When confronted with the probability of a divorce, both partners should continue to work together as amicably as possible and seek out a competent legal practitioner of family law NJ. Some of the many issues that may need to be sorted out include child custody, alimony, child support, division of property, division of money, and psychological issues. Because the fabric of a family is being unwoven, strong emotions may affect the rational discussion and eventual solution to one or more of these issues.  

This is where a talented and experienced family lawyer can help. In addition to knowing the details of what the law requires, a practiced lawyer can also help with mediation and equitable distribution of property. Furthermore, they can assist with conflict resolution after the divorce is decreed if there are any problems with the enforcement of court orders. 


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