Fri. Feb 28th, 2020

Bad Marriages Can End in a Good Divorce

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Divorce does not have to be horribly contentious or unreasonably acrimonious. It is possible to move on from long-time relationships in gratitude for lessons learned and with general goodwill toward the other party. There will be hard feelings, to be sure, but aiming to de-escalate the conflict during the divorce proceedings can have several advantages for you.

Save Time

Obtaining a divorce can take months or even years when parties cannot agree. Divorcing partners who can come to a marital settlement agreement tampa may end the process much more quickly and spend the extra time moving on with their lives. It can be difficult agreeing on the details of property division, spousal support and parenting plans, and you cannot just blindly consent to your spouse’s initial demands. The most reasonable course of action is to consult your attorney for clarification and advice, negotiate sensibly, then do your best to keep your case out of court.

Save Money

In 2019, getting divorced in America cost an average of $15,000. In Tampa, Florida, the filing fee is just a few hundred dollars. Why the huge range? Court costs and legal fees. Marital dissolution is not a do-it-yourself project — legal advice is essential during a divorce — but there are ways to cut down on legal expenses. Coming to a marital settlement outside of court is one way. Getting the details right the first time is another, as that prevents the need for future court involvement.

Save Heartache

Divorce is tough on all parties. The psychological toll often includes elevated stress levels, increased medical issues and higher rates of depression. However, participants can minimize the negative effects by being less acrimonious throughout the process. Basically, the less time you spend acting on bitterness and rancor, the fewer negative effects you tend to experience from those feelings. Furthermore, a more harmonious divorce causes less strain on relationships with family members and friends, leaving you a greater social support network following the split.

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