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The toughest drug laws in the states

Did you know that the USA are the leaders in the world when it comes to the incarnation of the inmates? There are about 2.5 million people in prison all over the United States, and about 50% of offenders are in jail because of drug-related charges.

We still think that laws in America can sometimes be too tough and because of that it happens that prisons are filled up with moderated drug users

The most popular drug in the world and in the USA as well, is marijuana which isn’t included as “hard” drug – its effects are not extreme, they are temporary. But about 1.5m people for a year are arrested for possession of few grams of marijuana, and that is the reason why we think the laws in some states are tough. So, sometimes you need to have a great lawyer to back you up, you can go to website and get some information.

There are 23 states that allow consumption of marijuana for medical purpose, but on the other hand, there are 4 states that don’t have tolerance for this kind of drug.

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Louisiana Drug Laws

In this state, penalties for marijuana and hard drugs are extremely tough. Repeat offenders for marijuana possession can be charged with felonies and they can get up to 20 years in prison. District of Louisiana, in most cases, will apply this law liberally, and the charge will be the maximum sentence. You can check out how much are the penalties, the table with fees and penalties is made.

The same thing is with “hard” drugs – for cocaine and heroin possession you can get up to 30 years in prison even if the defendant didn’t intend to distribute or sell drugs.

Oklahoma Drug Laws

In Oklahoma, if you are caught with drugs you can get a penalty of serious prison time. Possession of marijuana is also punishable by very tough drug laws. When law from 1798 was passed it raised existing penalties for the cultivation and growth of marijuana. So, this law finds that those who found guilty of breeding marijuana on their property will be convicted of a criminal offense and charged with imprisonment of 2 years or more.

Another specific thing about this law is the possibility of charge with maximum penalties. The judge can punish the law-offender with a life sentence because of violation of this law.  And this is the reason why this law has dubbed the “Life for Pot” legislation. Learn more about it on this link.

Florida Drug Laws

You probably know that Florida is known as the Sunshine State, but another thing for which Florida was recognized in different studies is stringent drug penalties and laws. An example of the stringent laws is that even small-time marijuana possessors can get extremely strictly penalties. If you are a charger for a possession of marijuana under 20 grams, you can be punished with an entire year in prison. Manufacturing or growing marijuana, and also any type of drugs, will be considered as a felony and you can get up to 10 years prison sentence.

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The state of Florida doesn’t sympathies users of hard drugs at all. First-time offenders charged with possession of small amount of heroin or cocaine can get a jail sentence up to 5 years. A penalty also includes a fine of $5000 and in most cases, the judges won’t hesitate to charge the defendant with this sum of money. Click here to read more about it.

Texas Drug Laws

Texas – a state is known worldwide, for its wide open plains and southern values.  Just like previous states that we mentioned, Texas also has tough drug laws for possession of hard drugs like heroin and cocaine, and marijuana as well. If you have just possessed drugs you face tough penalties. For example, if the offender is caught even with one gram of the drug, he or she can be punished with nine months in jail which include fine of $2000.

This state is proud for applying these laws to its fullest, and it’s not something strange that this state makes the most arrests for crimes related to drugs. Even first-time drug possessors and offenders will be punished with a jail sentence.

While some states are charging people for possession of marijuana with really tough penalties, in other countries it’s legalized for medical use, and because of that, the conclusion for this problem is to make a single and unique law that will equally apply to all parts of the USA.

5 Things You Should Know About Personal Injury Claims

Nobody likes to feel pain from an injury, especially if it isn’t your fault. Personal injuries are ugly; they leave you to deal with a lot of pain, medical bills, lost paychecks, lost time and so much more. A single fall or a vehicle accident can leave you scarred for life and can even turn your life 180 degrees. You’re left to deal with all the pain that’s caused by someone else, be it physical, financial or emotional distress. The good news is that the legal system can address this issue in what’s called as “personal injury law.”

Dealing with a personal injury claim can be overwhelming and frustrating. To help you deal with personal injury claims, here are five things that you should know.

1. Each Law Firm is Different

All law firms are not the same; each provides different services for all types of personal injuries. Personal injury law has broad coverage of claims, and you’ll have to hire lawyers ranging from a personal injury lawyer, car accident attorney, a medical malpractice lawyer, and a lot of other personal injury attorney corpus Christi. Each of these attorneys specializes in a specific field. It is essential that you should review the complete list of credentials and services on the lawyer’s website.

2. Don’t Accept Everything That Insurance Companies Offer

In times of accidents and injuries, insurance companies are not your friend. You may have heard them talk about how they care for you as their customer, but the truth is that isn’t their primary goal. They merely want your money, and they’ll avoid paying out more than what they should. Keep in mind that you must not accept everything that they tell you at face value.

3. Personal Injuries is More Than Just Car Accidents

Although motor vehicle accidents make up the most of personal injury cases, personal injury law covers any case in which a person is harmed due to the negligence or action of another entity or individual. Personal injury lawsuits also deal with accidents from unsafe premises, defective consumer products, wrongful death and dog bites.

4. Some Cases Never Go To Trial

A lot of personal injury cases are settled out of court because some plaintiffs don’t want to testify in court or face public scrutiny. It can be through negotiations through a mediation process or via the insurance provider’s representation. Most plaintiffs wish to resolve the dispute as fast as possible. The lawyers on each side will try to reach an agreement. But, just in case, you should prepare yourself to go to trial.

5. Time and Evidence is Important

In cases of personal injuries, it is essential that you find a lawyer as soon as possible. You can only pursue legal action for any compensation two to three years from when the injury happened. The evidence is essential as these serve to support your claim. You should aim to collect as much evidence as possible.


All in all, personal injury claims aren’t easy. Losing a loved one or getting injured because of the negligence of others is hard. If you ever experience these, finding a personal injury lawyer should be your first step.

Criminal Defence Attorneys

Criminal defence attorneys protect individuals that are charged with criminal offences and also have been found guilty using all the billed offences such as robberies, murders, drugs and a lot more. A charged individual has the right to reflect their particular case in a court of law nevertheless this isn’t a smart decision because the justice process is complex and you to have the ability to comprehend process of an ongoing case could be tasking to a person who isn’t trained to signify in court of law enforcement.

The job of an experienced criminal attorney like N.J. Preovolos Law Corporation entails many challenging tasks including the collecting of evidence, questioning witnesses in order to have the ability to construct a solid case which will assist the customer and have the charges against them dropped.

An attorney must collect evidence in law enforcement; the individuals involved and witnesses that they also need to study their information thoroughly until they present their case in court which will assist the defendant contrary to the allegations. That’s why one ought to seek the services of trained criminal attorney who’s especially trained for criminal cases.

There are several distinct regions of research in law that you may concentrate in and so that you to become a criminal attorney law students want have committed themselves to this specific area and pass on their bar examinations after passing out from law school. In order for you to get foundation in the law area an individual needs to experience a good well-known law school and also with these particular credits you can combine internship at a respectable law firm. There’s also the option of being used by the government or a private company or non profit associations.

Criminal defence agency provides legal representation to people under police investigation or facing criminal charges. Additionally, it functions as a regulator for the police force in order that they can function within the law and protect against corruption within the force. The Criminal Defence Service allows fair justice for all this can be completed jointly with criminal defence lawyers as well as the legislature. Free legal counsel and representation is supplied at the police station and in the courtroom.

Public defenders also referred to as criminal defence attorneys represent the defendant they’re hired by the government to shield people in court. A defence attorney can get popular in the event the individual they’re representing is well-known or if the situation is just one of a large profile. There are a variety of ways for you to receive a fantastic attorney through commercials in the paper or going online that’s quite effective as it’s used by a lot of people and it’s informative.

A defendant must supply their criminal background to permit the defence lawyer to evaluate the situation and possess the legal problems be addressed. A customer should have an understanding with their attorney for them to have the ability to present their case with no hitches. A fantastic attorney ought to be ethical and respectable one which is going to help with your case, not pressure a customer to cover the entire service fee prior to the hearing of this circumstance.

Expenses that incur if a person goes to court not such as legal fees will be yearly charges, depositions, process servers, transcripts, documents copies and government records. These costs are incurred by the customer. A customer must cover 50 percent of their fee deposit until the case is heard in court as pledge going to court is costly and one ought to attempt to prevent breaking the law. Consultations with legal counsel are extremely vital in scenarios in which someone has violated the criminal law and requires the assistance of a criminal law attorney to represent them.

Understanding Types of Criminal Defenses for a Good Defense Strategy

Fighting a legal battle is scary. We all tend to stay far away from court issues. Who would want to appear in court and listen to hearings and proceedings in the court? Sometimes, you simply cannot help it. You might have got into an accident, a property dispute or even be charged with criminal offense and now you need to appear in court for a hearing.

Understanding Criminal Defenses

If you have been accused of a criminal activity, then you need to hire the best criminal defense attorney to fight your case. There are many criminal defense law firms such as Tad Nelson & Associates that have experienced layers and paralegals who will hear your case and come out with the best solution.

Next, you need to know the inside out of the different terminologies and defenses used in the case. An important thing to be kept in mind is to discuss in detail about your case with your lawyer. Never ever make the mistake of hiding any detail from your lawyer. Be truthful no matter how embarrassing or shameful the matter is. Bear in mind that these lawyers are here to help you.

A wrong move on your lawyer’s part due to the information provided by you can lead you in a thick soup. Secondly, ensure that you learn about the different criminal defenses that you can use to defend yourself against the other party’s accusation.

A criminal defense basically refers to strategic arguments that are used to challenge the validity of the other party’s evidences. If you are able to challenge their evidence and prove them wrong, then the case will work in your benefit.

Types of Criminal Defenses

The different types of criminal defenses that are quite popular in courtrooms include:

  • Insanity Defense
  • Abandonment and Withdrawal
  • Affirmative Defense
  • Duress and Coercion

Insanity defense refers to admitted committing a crime without having any knowledge of it. Insanity can relate to a mental disorder which you might need to prove in court. Abandonment and withdrawal refers to admitting that you were about to commit a crime or be part of it, but later own decided to withdraw or abandon the crime.

Affirmative defense refers to providing evidence in the form of witness or documents, that you have not committed a crime. Duress and coercion refers to admitting to commit a crime under duress or coercion by a person.

Other Forms of Criminal Defenses

Many people tend to go in for self defense criminal defenses. This refers to actually admitting to commit a crime, but only as a self defense. Examples for this could be attempt to rape or murder.

Intoxication criminal defense refers to committing a crime under the influence of alcohol. Sometimes, government agents might use entrapment to induce someone to commit a crime. You really need solid evidence to prove entrapment cases.


Opening up with lawyers is not easy, but nevertheless, you need to trust them with your case. It is always better to research about criminal lawyers and hire the best so that your case is strong and you have high chances of winning, if you are charged of a criminal case.

Reacting To an Auto Accident in Austin

With The visitors in Austin rising at an exponential pace, it merely serves to follow the rate of injuries is growing within our town. If you are in an accident the first thing you should do is prevent your car or truck, turn on your hazard lights, and if needed, transfer it to a secure position close to the location of this accident. Texas law requires you to stop at the accident scene; failure to do this can lead to serious consequences which may result in a traffic ticket or a warrant for the arrest.

Austin personal injury attorney like Christensen Law Firm represent victims of automobile accidents through the State of Texas, ensuring that their customers get the compensation they deserve to get their injuries.

Additionally, It’s sometimes useful and as a preventative Step to maintain first aid supplies and an emergency kit in your vehicle. A mobile phone, flares, a bright orange vest, along with a disposable camera is helpful objects to get in the event of an accident, too.

Place flares, cones, or triangles along with the street a couple hundred feet prior to the injury so traffic knows that there’s an accident ahead. Call 911 and notify them of any harm. If you’re on a freeway and also don’t have access to your mobile phone or phone, assess for a roadside telephone which you may utilize.

Trade information with everybody involved in the accident. Make sure you swap the following:

  • Exchange contact information (names, addresses, and telephone numbers) together with parties involved with the accident
  • Get the calendar year, make, model, license plate number, insurance provider, and insurance policy number for many vehicles included
  • Identify any witnesses to the collision and collect their contact info.
  • Name, address, the telephone number of witnesses or witnesses
  • Driver’s license numbers and license plate numbers

Under NO circumstances admit that it was your own fault, nor make accusations. These remarks might be used against you later. Immediately report the accident to your insurance provider as well as the authorities. You could realize that the other driver has registered a report saying that the accident was your fault. If you have or suspect that an accident, check out a physician straight away.

Personal Injury Attorney – Get the Best Settlement

Are you currently A Vancouver resident who feels unfairly treated due to a crash that has led you to becoming incapacitated? Would you feel angry that you’re not able to make a great deal of cash since the injuries you endured have made it hard for you to operate correctly? You want a fantastic personal injury attorney on your side since this is the only means which you are able to induce another party to earn a considerable settlement in your favor. If you don’t do so, you’re being quite unfair to yourself and to your own loved ones that may also be dependent on your ability to make money.

A good personal Vancouver injury attorney helps you receive financial Compensation for injuries you have suffered on account of the fault of other people. You won’t see the significance of a fantastic personal injury attorney if you don’t have been hurt and wind up unable to perform your job with the amount of ability that’s needed. You might not receive your ability back or for quite a while, but the attorneys will surely make certain you’re financially comfortable due to a fantastic settlement.

It’s very clear that You Have to get the very best Settlement feasible for the harm you’ve received along with the inconvenience you’re put through. Don’t expect the party that led to the injury to willingly give you a significant amount of money. This is where a fantastic group of injury attorneys arrive in. They need to be able to extract the largest settlement possible from the party who caused you injury, intentionally or intentionally.

You need to choose your Personal injury attorney with a lot of care since the results of the situation is dependent upon this, along with other aspects. There are lots of BC injury attorneys, but you shouldn’t be happy using a run of the mill group of attorneys but if search for one with an established history. Employing a legal company that has lots of experience managing the type of injuries you’ve suffered from is a fantastic way to get started.

It is also an excellent idea to hire a personal injury attorney who’s known in legal circles because of their capacity to prepare every case thoroughly As though it is going to go to trial. It’s preferable to get a legal company that Is well-known for this capability in your side so the resistance will Be convinced you’ve got a fantastic prospect of winning. In Reality, this is among the most effective strategies to make sure your resistance offers you a great Settlement without so much as fighting the situation.

Long-term Disability Claims

Following a significant bodily or psychological injury, you might not have the ability to function and provide for your loved ones as you can before the injury. Besides handling with all the pain and potential humiliation of the harm, you also need to address demonstrating that you have really suffered a career-ending accident, in addition, to employ for your Long-term Disability policy which you deserve.

When you suffer from a long-term disability, handling the injury can be difficult enough as it is. For help in submitting for long-term disability claims and insurance, you need to speak with a Long-term Disability lawyer like Erisa Lawyer about your choices.

Individuals with acute mental or bodily harms can possibly qualify for long-disability claims. But it may be hard your injury does actually stop you from being used. 1 interesting point to notice is that somebody may have exactly the identical injury as possible, but he or she participates as with a Long-term Disability (LTD), whereas you don’t.

The rationale for this discrepancy is that some occupations require different skills than many others. By way of instance, let us say you’re a secretary whose primary job it would be to answer the telephone. On the flip side, there’s somebody who functions within an assembly line, bolting two particular parts together using a handheld screwdriver or drill.

Should you develop carpal tunnel syndrome, then the individual from the meeting line might have endured a career-ending long-term disability while you didn’t. This is due to the fact that the assembly line task expects that individual to possess substantial manual dexterity, whereas you simply need to pick up the telephone.

If you’re in the procedure of demonstrating that you’ve got a long-term disability, it’s very important to keep tabs on all your healthcare info. If your physician’s office permits you to have copies of your medical records, it may be important to keep them in a secure location to monitor the development of your injury and therapy.

When submitting an application for long-term disability claims, you will likely have to submit an application from the doctor detailing your harm. If you ask your physician for the record, inform her or him that it’s essential to be very certain about your own limitations.

Seek An Expert Attorney In the Wake Of Car Accident

Car accidents are on the rise with each passing day. Serious car accidents are happening on roads at a high frequency. Some of the analysts say that the rising rates of these serious collisions are directly connected to distracted driving. Someone is picking up the call. Someone is texting others. Someone is engaged otherwise on the cell phones. That’s how accidents happen.

There are some things to remember if you are involved in an accident. Let’s see what are these.

  • You should immediately go for first aid.
  • You should collect contact information about the other party involved in the accident.
  • You should take photos of the scene if possible.
  • You should take photos of the witnesses if there are any.
  • You should collect contact information about the witnesses if possible.
  • You should contact a car accident lawyer after the accident.

Hiring an attorney can really help you in getting the compensation you deserve. You have to know the rights you have. You should preserve the evidence for the attorney who could use it while your case goes to the court.

Why do you need an attorney?

  • An expert attorney can collect evidence of liability. This evidence is necessary to prove that you deserve compensation for the medical expenses, rental car, other hospital bills, car repair expenses and other pain as well as suffering costs. If the other party had been texting, it is considered negligence. Now you know that the accident is caused by negligence of the other party but you have to prove it in the court. That’s where an expert attorney helps you.
  • The attorney will coordinate with the other driver’s insurance adjuster. This is necessary because the other party tries to keep the amount as low as possible.
  • In order to get maximum compensation you need to present your medical record and other expenses of car repairs. These are to be presented to the insurance company of the other party as well as the court in case both parties fail to reach an out-of-court settlement. The medical record is to be presented in such a way so that you get maximum compensation you deserve. That’s why an expert attorney can help you get the desired compensation.
  • A qualified attorney can help you getting proper treatment from a hospital if you are seriously injured. Your injury should be determined. For example sometimes a head injury seems normal and heals up fast. But after sometime it starts showing its effects. It can lead to a long-term disability if not permanent. That’s why in order to save expenses you should not avoid medical checkups.

If you are involved in an accident and are looking for a personal car accident attorney in Mesa, you should consult with Cluff Law firm. The attorneys are sincere, honest and hardworking. They also are qualified and experienced to deal with these sort of cases in an effective way.

Benefits of Hiring a Qualified Injury lawyer in Las Vegas

Are you having a court case in Las Vegas and are not sure of the best approach to handle the matter? You can choose to get the representation of an attorney or go by yourself. It does not matter whether you are the victim or the wonder. The most important thing is to get the right representation in the corridors of law. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a qualified lawyer in Las Vegas.

  • Increasing Your Chances of Success

Everyone would like to expand his or her chances of success when battling with a legal case. Both parties will be pushing hard to make sure that they find their way out. It can be pretty hard to go on your own, yet the other side has a team of highly experienced lawyers. You may see yourself losing a case that appeared to be so obvious. The first responsibility of an attorney is to make sure that you win the case by all means. You could be in the wrong, but he has to make sure that he minimizes the sentence you receive. If by any chance you are the victim, the lawyer should work around the clock to make sure that you get the best compensation ever. After all, what you receive also dictates his remuneration. These lawyers understand Naqvi Injury Law and know what is ideal for each case. Rarely will a highly qualified lawyer allow an insurance company or the offender to give you a raw deal. After all, what you pay them depends on the negotiated agreement and who doesn’t want more.

  • Save a lot of Time and Money

Injury legal processes can waste a lot of money which translates into money. You will use a lot of time in doing the documentation especially if you don’t have the technical know-how of handling these procedures. Qualified attorneys will use the minimal time to manage these processes because they understand everything. You will also use this time to carry out other productive errands in life. You don’t want to waste a lot of time and end up not getting the best from the court case. You will discover that employing a qualified attorney will save you a lot of time and money. Therefore, don’t allow anyone to cheat you that bringing a skilled lawyer on board is a waste of time and money.

  • Minimize the Errors

One of the things that makes court cases to drag is a high number of errors, particularly during the documentation process. Injury lawyers fill the required forms on a daily basis, and they will rarely make mistakes.  These legal experts also know the right time to submit each document. The lawyer will use the correct procedure in gathering the evidence so that the facts are useful to the case. You will rarely find the court declaring some of the evidence being non-applicable to the situation at hand. Choose to hire a professional injury lawyer, and you will be amazed at the results you report.

Why Should You Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

It’s quite difficult and stressful to handle situations of criminal charges. No matter if you’re faulty or not, the situation can make you tensed. Some people might suggest you to fight yourself. However, this cannot work if you don’t have knowledge of laws and legislation. In such situations, it is advisable to hire a criminal defense attorney. Following section will brief you some of the benefits of hiring a criminal defense lawyer.

Why Should You Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

For Assistance in Defending

Criminal lawyers are trained and have adequate knowledge of court procedures and criminal laws. Hence, they can help to present your case in a better manner. Criminal defense lawyers have enough experience to examine all evidences and facts present in a particular case. This helps in better representation of your case. Criminal lawyers are solely responsible for defending their client against criminal charges.

They know inconsistencies or loopholes, if any, in the system and can therefore, present your case in a better manner. It can be quite helpful to have someone with so much experience and knowledge.

They Have Knowledge of Criminal Law System

Criminal defense lawyers know everything about criminal law system. They have adequate knowledge about various judges, prosecutors etc., whom you may come across during your lawsuit. Your criminal defense attorney, having positive connection with these people, will help you out during your case. This can turn out to be a really positive point, if you are actually faulty in the case. Good relationship with lawyers and judges will help in saving you from harsh penalties.

Strong Strategy

Every lawsuit requires different strategy and approach for handling legal charges. Criminal defense lawyers have adequate knowledge and experience which helps them to measure all events and circumstances and thereby design an appropriate course of action. Based on the findings, the attorney can conduct independent investigation, can make settlements and negotiations or can prepare trials. Moreover, criminal defense attorneys have knowledge of various defense related aspects which help them to achieve desired results.

For Protecting You from Heavy Charges/Penalties

In criminal charge cases, prosecutors are quite harsh against alleged defendants. In such cases, criminal defense lawyers try their best to protect you from harsh legal charges such as lifetime sentence etc. Your attorney will try his/her best for protecting you against heavy penalties and brutal prosecutors. He/she will try his/her such that you aren’t acquitted of wrong charges. Even if you’re fault in a lawsuit, a criminal defense lawyer will try his/her best to reduce your punishment.

Help to Save Your Time

Criminal defense lawyers are quite familiar about the proceedings and expected results of the lawsuits. Their experience helps them to handle tricky/critical scenarios with quite ease. They even know expected result of a particular case, which helps them the handle the procedure carefully. You can reach out to McKinney criminal defense attorney, if you’re looking for a professional lawyer in U.S.

To conclude, professional criminal defense attorney can be quite supportive in hour of need. If you’re also stuck in criminal charges, hire a professional lawyer.


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